Weekly Browsers Recap, September 20th

By | September 20, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, September 20th


Internet Explorer 9, What’s New?
If you have not yet downloaded Internet Explorer 9 Beta, here is a…

Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta
And here you have it, a download link for Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Exclusive: Internet Explorer 9 Screenshots
A couple of IE9 screenshots for you to check,

Microsoft Wants Reddit Feedback
It looks like Microsoft continues its advertising campaign.

Internet Explorer 9 Live Webcast
The wait is almost over. Today, Microsoft will reveal everyone’s anticipated, Internet Explorer 9…

Firefox 4 Beta 6 Renamed to Beta 7
According to Mozilla’s Developer Center, company will issue a minor update

Firefox 3.6.10 and 3.5.13 Released
Today, Mozilla has released a minor update that fixes a single stability issue in both…

Google Integrates Instant into Chrome
It looks like Google continues pushing its Instant search feature forward. The latest Google Chrome

Enable Image Resizing in Opera
If you ever wanted to have an Internet Explorer like functionality in Opera, here is how…

64-Bit Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux
Good news, everyone, Adobe has just released a preview build of 64-bit Flash…

Weekly Questions Recap, September 14th
Unresolved: How to uninstall Interent Explorer on Windows 7?

FavBackup 2.0.1 Released
While we are working on a new version of FavBackup, here is a minor update for you.


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