Firefox 3.6.10 and 3.5.13 Released

By | September 16, 2010

Today, Mozilla has released a minor update that fixes a single stability issue in both, Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 branches.

Furthermore, Firefox 3.6.10 blocklists Personas Plus 1.6 due to incompatibility with many add-ons.


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  1. daddylo says:

    Can anybody kind enough  tell me the difference between Firefox 3.6.10 and 3.5.13 ?
    and also what is more stable ?
    I also like to know if 3.6.10 is the new version why you think people still use 3.5.13 ?
    Thank you all.

    • Rafael says:

      I wish I knew the answer.

    • Rammy says:

      According to the crash statistics, Firefox 3.6 is WAY more stable than Firefox 3.5. The differences between the two versions are a few minor features in the browser and a few standards compliance stuff. 3.6 is, as the number indicates, a minor update to 3.5. Both 3.5 and 3.6 are supported, so you may use whichever you like.
      People may choose not to update do 3.6 from 3.5 for whatever reason. Mozilla usually gives people time to update, but after a while, older versions are dropped. As a general rule, only two versions are supported at any one time. So when Firefox 3.6 was released, 3.0 was dropped. When 4.0 gets out, 3.5 will be dropped, and people will have to upgrade to either 3.6 or 4.0 to take advantage of all the latest security fixes.

    • daddylo says:

      Rafael , thanx for trying :).
      Rammy , thanx for info , I needed to know it lol :).

    • Icarus says:

      I continue to use 3.5.13 because in 3.6.10 when you open a new tab, instead of opening a tab to the far right, the tab opens directly to the right of the originating tab. In my opinion that is extremely annoying. I know it’s just a preference thing, but there is no way to change it back to the old way except by re-installing 3.5.13.

  2. Zalila says:

    thank you, firefox is always the best…