Yes, But Can Google Chrome Or Firefox Do THIS?

By | October 6, 2010

Yes, But Can Google Chrome or Firefox do This?

Via Reddit.

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  1. max1c says:

    No, But they wish they could.

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Interesting, which version of IE is that ? for me it didn’t crash on IE9.  In Vista, they fixed this redraw issue when an application crash.
    I will this as my desktop wallpaper for a day :)

    • MoleSkin says:

      Obviously, you need to install more shitty toolbars and some adobe plugins. You’ll get your ie crash in no time.

  3. Looks like IE7 to me :-)

  4. Mark says:

    Firefox did this all the time, this is why I moved to Opera and never looked back.

    • Benji Slack says:

      I honestly love google chrome the best. its a nice and simple internet browser and leave a just enouph for you to customize yourself.

      • StonY says:

        Google Chrome FTW!!
        simply love it!!
        IE sucks… opera is somewhat complicated… never likes firefox =P

    • daddylo says:

      Yep, FF carsh even withou addons.. that’s why new FF 4 doing this any betas  lol… FF lost lot of people due to crashes…..

  5. Sher says:

    Looks like when I win at Solitaire – LOL!!

  6. MoleSkin says:

    Make sure you turn off vista/7 aero so you can experience that solitaire thing too. Just disable the theme service and you’re good to go.

  7. Alex says:

    thanks for the laugh. Love it!

  8. Shane B says:

    Another reason IE should just die a slow and painful death. :-|

  9. ivan says:

    This doesn’t have anything to do with which browser you are using….
    its the OS

  10. Aspie says:

    That would be IE 7, possibly 8. I’m so glad I don’t use IE, Firefox all the way!

  11. I agree, Google chrome and firefox can’t do this. Poor chrome & firefox ;)

  12. filip007 says:

    Funny page i guess, Opera shows a box, Chrome no box…

  13. Venomal says:

    Talking about IE 9, thankfully they will be providing complete support for the web-toolkit along with all CSS methods!
    And in my opinion, this SS is of IE6 or 7…..
    P.S: Good old days of sucky IE I must say, but now FF is just fine, Chrome is a privacy invader browser, or should I say, that Google Chrome is a Malware ^^

    • Ivo says:

      It is the memory management of the OS, not the browser. With me in the office uncle Peter makes IE/FF take 15 secs to start where i should be instant. That’s why I run Linux at home.
      And yes, Chrone on Windows is malware, on Linux it still asks for permissions (or at least I hope so … :o) ) because of the way systemwide changes are done under Linux.

  14. juan pablo says:

    You can experience this on any browser :)

  15. Stephanie D. says:

    Reminiscent of winning Solitaire

  16. miroljub says:

    Hrome je zakon

  17. Mr Elephant says:

    ahh, I reminisce back to the days of Windows…

  18. asdf says:


  19. Linux Tweaks says:

    You don’t have to worry about stuff like this in Linux.  Why 90% of the population does not use Linux still boggles my mind…  It’s free, all the software is free/opensource (meaning you don’t pay anything for the Operating System or the software), it’s virtually invulnerable to viruses/spyware/malware and in most cases does not even require an antivirus product to be installed.  Also, you can run it on anything from a handheld device to a full blown super computer.  As a matter of fact, many government agencies use Linux.
    Want trouble free, worry free, and totally free computing?  Choose Linux :)  Trust me.  You won’t want to go back to Winblows or Mac-RIPOFFOFFREEBSD OS.
    Here’s two great Linux Distributions which can be downloaded for free, and you can install them right along with Windows on your computer so you’ll still have the choice to boot to Windows if you ever want to.
    The two best Linux Distributions  (In my opinion, and most others as well):
    OpenSUSE Linux
    Ubuntu Linux
    Find your Linux Tweaks here:

    • Come on, Linux is not that great at all.  There are still problems with the hardware. For example, I had to modify some files to my video card work properly (NVIDIA), and on laptop it was necessary to install some drivers for my wireless, and I had to compile them. I of course found the solution on great Ubuntu community forum, but this is a barrier which some will not cross, and it took me few hours to make it work (time which one could use in a better way).
      And there is a software – I know there is a lot of good software for linux, but for example I never managed to find a decent and simple video editing software (something like MovieMaker). I found one but it kept crashed randomly, and its interface was a pain in the ass.

      • it was LiVes by the way (video editing). And this is how we get to another thing – Windows is more consistent about its look and feel (even with 3rd party software). On Linux it is not (because lots of different interface libraries and other reasons I guess), this also can make Linux look “bad” for newcomers.

        • Ichann says:

          I CANNOT believe you just said that. Windows consistent?
          Yeah I’m sure the tweaking tools look consistent, media players look consistent. NOTHING looks consistent on windows.
          You do not know anything about linux or windows for that matter.

          • James Barnhill says:

            I agree. If there’s anything Windows is consistent in, it’s crashing and looking ugly.

    • SandLizard says:

      I tried Kubuntu on my old computer (Linux supposed to work good on old computers). The display kept freezing up, frequently the computer froze up, too. Then suddenly Windows was no longer and option to boot from. In addition it was a real pain to get software that would work downloaded without a big waste of time and effort.
      Linux is great if you are a computer whiz and don’t mind your computer crashing all the time.

      • says:

        “Kubuntu” means ” crashes just like windows but with a different interface”. ubuntu means the same but the interface is far worse.
        you should try to use a real “home” distro, like openSUSE or fedora. *buntu are just worthless toys that rarely work on real computers.

        • James Barnhill says:

          While I can’t say too much good about Kubuntu, Ubuntu is the best Linux distro available.  There’s a reason it’s so popular: no viruses, strong security, Debian-based and a solid GUI on pretty much any computer.  I’ve been running Ubuntu for ~3 years, and nothing free beats it.  I’ve ran it on several desktops, VMs, netbooks, and laptops, and rarely have had any crashes as long as it was installed right.  Not that it compares to Mac, or anything… But it’s free.

  20. Jane says:

    Hm. When I went to this website my Firefox crashed. The irony.

  21. Prakash Paudel says:

    Windows does this… whatever the application…

  22. Chris says:

    I’ve never seen a mess like that before.

  23. Daniel says:

    I can’t browse my phone’s contents in Chrome, says I need IE7+ or Firefox. Sucks.