Opera Enters Advertising Market

By | October 6, 2010

Opera Enters Advertising MarketBack in January of 2010, Opera Software has acquired a mobile advertising company “AdMarvel”.

Ever wondered what could possibly come out of this? Today, company has announced its plans to join mobile advertising market with its cloud-based, “Open Mobile Ad Exchange” platform.

By using JavaScript technology, company pushes advertiser ads directly into Opera Mini served web pages.

As Opera Software co-founder Jon von Tetzchner said, “there will be ads where you’re used to seeing ads,”.

Although there are almost 70 million Opera Mini users worldwide, it’s still unclear how exactly the company will attract potential advertisers and whether or not this product becomes a huge success.

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  1. asfa says:

    Is nice because is how Google Adsense, is not a publicity in the interface of the browser, is in the web

  2. Ichan says:

    Didnt they try something like this on the desktop version.
    Put your ads but not in the UI please.

    • Of course they won’t put it in the UI. It would be weird if they would now, after saying they won’t.
      Whole idea is very good. It have some potential. Big question now is what are advantages of mobile users in marketing terms? Obviously it must be somehow targeted to this relatively small audience (1% of the whole market). I mean what could be advertised for opera mini users which wouldn’t be better advertised for other users.

      • Mobile services obviously…
        I guess they have it all figured out, one more week for UNW

      • max1c says:

        You do know that Mobile Browser marker will surpass desktop in some next years ?
        At least so they say.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure. Besides it depends on how to we define mobile – is laying at couch and browsing net through from some ipad-like device is mobile? Then maybe netbook is also mobile? What about notebook then?
          Anyway this solution is targeted only to Opera Mini (and maybe mobile with turbo – which is not ON by default, or is it?) and in future devices will be more and more capable of running “full-time” browser.

          • max1c says:

            I’m not sure at all, I’m just saying. And as for Netbook vs iPad clearly one is mobile device which runs mobile OS and another is full PC experience shrinked into a very small laptop.

          • Crackerflack says:

            Mobile is something that doesn’t run a desktop OS, and is portable. But I think “mobile will overtake fixed internet” basically means mobile phones for the most part.
            Also, Opera’s new service can be used in any mobile browser, but is particularly good when used with Opera Mini I guess.

          • mabdul says:

            @Crackerflack How does this service can be used by any mobile browser except the ones made by oepra? I don’t think you understand the news: Opera Mini (and possibly Opera Mobile) will insert ads in webpages by the server which access/comnpress the webpages.

          • nvm says:

            The service isn’t used to insert ads by Opera. The owner of the site will insert the ads from Opera’s ad system.

            Again, Opera will not insert ads. The site owner will request ads, and they will work in any browser.

        • Ichan says:

          Everybody’s getting a free iPad?

    • Crackerflack says:

      Didnt they try something like this on the desktop version.

      Nope. Not only is this completely different, but they own the ad service (they used someone else when they had desktop ads).

      Put your ads but not in the UI please.

      Did you read the actual text?
      “ads directly into Opera Mini served web pages
      “there will be ads where you’re used to seeing ads”

      • Ichan says:

        I actually did.
        Why am I asking?
        Because companies always like to take that one step extra to make our lives revolutionary.

  3. Mark says:

    Simple, they replace existing ads with THEIR ads that are more targetted at mobile users.  Thats my understanding.

    • Andylee says:

      not really… they replace my [the website owner] normal ads with the ones I want users [the ones using Opera mini] to see when they visit my website. As my revenue from ads grows the more visitors actually get interested in them and click them, I [the website owner] want as many of them to see ads that interest them in some way.  Opera mini users are more like to [for example] be interested in apps and mobile browsing and mobile phone news than my other visitors surfing with non-mobile browsers [as Opera mini is market leader, it makes sense to target them as a specific audience for my ads… at least if the website is popular enough].
      As the trend goes towards mobile usage of the web and opera mini is growing fast (nearly 1% now… which is a freaking high share in my thinking as I don’t use my mobile phone for browsing).
      I hope I explained it the right way round…

  4. nvm says:

    Doesn’t look like this is about ads in the UI. In fact, it pretty clearly states that it isn’t.  Looks more like Google’s AdSense.