Opera 10.63 RC Released

By | October 5, 2010

Opera 10.63 RC ReleasedIf you are eager to try a newer version of Opera 10.6 branch web browser, then here is your chance.

Today, company has released a release candidate build of Opera 10.63 desktop browser, focusing on stability (a total of 11 crash related issues fixed) and bug squashing.



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  1. daddylo says:

    When I normal tab I see Opera 10.63 in the tab.
    When I am in private tab I also see Opera 10.63 in the tab….
    Is there a way I can change it ? I mean make it only say private on on the tab ?
    Nearly forgot to say, using Opera …. I think other browsers , they say Private ( I think) …..

  2. Rafael says:

    It seems that Opera 10.70 is going to be an huge future update that they are still coding and  coding and coding…

  3. nomad says:

    There’s too many bugs in Opera, they haven’t made a decent browser since 10.10.  Every new release gets worst.  That’s why I switched to Firefox.

    • daddylo says:

      I do agree with you.. The bug I see is memory usage..
      if I see don’t cache documents ..Opera will cache them anyway.. most time Used exceed max amount set.. not to mention most time use more than 500 mb +.
      Having said that memory usage is low in Ubuntu  but still Opera doesn’t listen to me like to exceed max.. I thought max means max….
      But on other side FF thinks modern PC have less than 512 mb and plan to save mb and trying to open a tab didn’t open few minutes agao.. FF can freeze 10 seconds… seems like no browser pefect they push to one side too much..
      I think Chrome  balance  memory usage .. specially due to there multiprocess structure I think.

  4. filip007 says:

    Opera 11 yeah right, they will add GPU support, just WebGL i guess, i think that browser wars was canceled with IE9 announce that will drop 3D so it ends here and now.
    On Ubuntu, Opera is disgusting just don’t run ok, on the other hand Chrome works better on Linux than on Windows so…