Internet Explorer Web Browser Jokes

By | October 7, 2010

Internet Explorer Web Browser Jokes
Remember good old IE6 days? Well, let’s take a look at some of the IE definitions, as from UrbanDictionary.

What is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer

One of the most amazing tools for downloading Firefox.

I used Internet Explorer to download Firefox. One of the only uses of this crappy browser.

Internet Explorer

A simple Windows XP tool which allows the user to browse to and download Firefox, a web browser.

As soon as I installed XP I opened Internet Explorer and grabbed the latest version of Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s pre-installed, default internet browser for Windows. Has to be the worst browser on earth, because its only features are free viruses, automatic spyware downloads, and awesome security holes.

The best part about Internet Explorer is that it forced companies, such as Mozilla and Opera, to make their own browsers, which completely and utterly blow Internet Explorer out of the water.

Internet Explorer

The greatest browser in the world. No other browser can download Mozilla FireFox like Internet Explorer.

As soon as I turned on my brand new Alienware PC, I fired up Internet Explorer so I could download Mozilla FireFox.

Internet Explorer

A security-hole riddled, god-awful web browser bundled with Microsoft Windows. Alternatively known as Idiot Exploiter.

Internet Explorer

A great program that lets you download viruses.

Bob: w00t, I’m downloading 500+ viruses a minute on internet explorer!

Jeff: Lololllolololllololollolz0rz! Inronetz explo0dr is liek fukin’, sh!t. lolololollolololo!!!!!!1!!1!11111!!11! XD


Internet Explorer

Good for downloading mozilla firefox and thats about it

when i look up porn on IE my comp crashes, when i look up porn on mozilla firefox my penis gets heavier.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox’s bitch.

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  1. Dave says:

    What is Mona Zilla Firefox?

    Mozilla Firefox

    One of the most slowest tools for downloading the Chrome or Opera.

    Thats all IE bashing from idiotic and lighthead mozilla fanboys.

    Ps: not funny

    • daddylo says:

      Yep and lot of people , just need Internet browser for go to youtube or facebook or check email… that’s why lot of  people sticking with IE…..
      But there are site IE 7 struggle …. I tried one site it crashed lol ( open 5 tabs + in a hurry and , IE crashed , it is heavy site with images) … now that’s why I like Opera rarely crash…
      FF crash if you play FB games that require fast clicking… only Opera and Chrome ( or Chromium based browsers) can handle fast clicking.