Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta!

By | September 15, 2010

And here you have it, a download link for Internet Explorer 9 Beta.


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  1. nobody says:

    installing it is a pain in the rear
    dependancies, webinstaller weighting 40mb and still downloading lots over the net..
    how come MS always makes installing new stuff a horrid experience, while their product itself is nice (or great like visual studio or msproject..)
    btw. still installing dependancies

  2. Žilvinas says:

    Everything looks good, except crappy speed of Internet Explorer via Peacekeeper.

  3. Lomas says:

    I don’t like the way how IE9 was installed. Needs to restart PC.
    What a bloatware for a web browser.
    Also, this form won’t work on IE9…… great job…

  4. monty says:

    They’re wasting too much vertical space, even through they put address bar and tabs in one line it still uses as much space as other browser.

  5. Andylee says:

    wth restart?

  6. nvm says:

    Looks like everyone wants to be Chrome these days.

    • daddylo says:

      -1 , googleupdate.exe is really annoying , on top of that even sometimes I uninstall google chrome , googleupdate.exe still there…  and trying to connect to internet , I have 3 rd party firewall , which I put to custom settings nothing can go to internet without I say ok lol.

  7. Paulius says:

    A W E S O M E… Face it… You don’t like this browser cause it’s MICROSOFT. IE9 is in front at the moment.

  8. Matthew says:

    IE9 won’t be in front for a LONG time, until/unless they expand support to Windows XP users.
    I was a bit worried that I’d have to take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 7 so I could test my websites with IE — but then I remembered, “If Windows XP users can’t have IE, then the majority of IE users will be IE8 and IE7 for some time — not IE9”
    I can’t test IE9, but then again I can’t test Safari for Mac either…

  9. stve says:

    A pain to install & i was expecting it to install alongside IE 8  & not to replace it.
    Maybe i missed a warning message ?
    It has some good points with a bit of polish it might replace Firefox as my second browser.

  10. daddylo says:

    I think hackers already started to hack it , I meant first time it released they need to hack lot of pc lol , so if you one of those people visiting , how do I put this delicately , do not use it at the first release , any software first time is lot of bugs.
    may be that’s why FF doing so many betas….. the got blast from the past ….

  11. filip007 says:

    I’m having a little bit difficulties with this thing, the shell is not working properly any more. Try clicking on folders from hard drive and uninstall it didn’t help much, it’s under updates, before install IE8 was blocked from system so…

  12. filip007 says:

    Well i fixed the shell with,  Auslogics Registry Cleaner the free version! God damn…

  13. Matthew says:

    Could someone please explain to me…

    Why can’t Windows 7 handle Windows XP applications natively? I mean, we’re talking about software linked to Microsoft’s own Windows libraries.
    My first computer in 1992 had DOS (I skipped Windows 3.1). I’ve lived through a lot: Windows95 (all new software had to be written), the transition from DOS to DirectX games, the mainstreaming of the Internet, etc. I’ve been a programmer for over 18 years. I’ve experienced a dozen operating systems, not counting flavors of Linux.

    I understand that when you go to a new architecture (e.g., jump to 32-bit or 64-bit) you have to start over, and run older programs under some kind of emulation or “compatibility mode”. But why would MS Office 2003 not work in Windows 7? That’s preposterous. Who wrote MS Office? MS, of course! They used standard Windows libraries, etc.
    So is MS saying that they didn’t build a default library for Windows 7 that WinXP programs could link to?

    Even in a major architecture switch to 64-bit, couldn’t MS create a 64-bit clone of their current 32-bit Windows library, simply ignoring the 64-bit features?

    At any rate, I don’t understand why a bit of eye candy (Aero) aka FuFu requires a new kernel architecture and a “break with the past” with most Windows XP software! I understand that sometimes you need to start over and break with the shackles of backward compatibility — but usually that results in a major improvement in the OS. I just don’t see it in Windows 7.

    DOS/Win3.1 to Windows95 was a major evolution; the computer world was rapidly evolving and it was difficult to predict. Fundamental changes were still happening all the time. Such is not the case today (sorry, technophiles and “singularity” faithful!) MS could clearly have planned better so that XP apps weren’t made useless in Windows 7.

    • nobody says:

      what applications do not work in win7?
      only ones i have problem with are from SAS (and it is because their DRM system is to aggresive in win7 world) and even these i can run using XP mode (i have ultimate edition)
      i was even able to run old CNC ’95 games, so i rally would like to know what had happened