Firefox 4 Beta 6 Renamed to Beta 7

By | September 14, 2010 | 8 Comments

Firefox 4 Beta 6 Renamed to Beta 7According to Mozilla’s Developer Center, company will issue a minor update to Beta 5 sometime this week, which will fix stability bug on Windows systems as well as OSX rendering and keyboard/mouse focus issues.

As a result of this update, upcoming Beta 6 release will be renamed to Beta 7 and it set for the second half of September release.

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  • Andylee

    This mass release of Beta versions is strange.

    • Tiago Sá

      I was going to say that it was always like that, but I decided to let you use your memory this time.

      • Rafael


      • Andylee

        I was comparing this to other software like Opera, IE, Chrome, Safari, Linux, whatsoever…. they may have 3 or 4, but very very seldom 6 or more beta versions….

    • daddylo

      Not to mention Release Candidates .. now there will be 7 RC haha .
      But at the end of the day , it will become most stable browser , which does FF fans and users need.

      • nvm

        Firefox, stable? LOL.

        • Matthew

          Yes. Stable.
          Firefox never crashes for me — I don’t know what you’re LOLing about.

          • James

            it may not crash, but it has more memory leaks than carter has pills