Internet Explorer 9: Two Million Downloads and Counting

By | September 21, 2010

Internet Explorer 9: Two Million Downloads and CountingAccording to Microsoft, with the recent Internet Explorer 9 Beta release, browser was already downloaded more than 2 million times over the period of two days. Considering overall hype, those numbers do look okay.

In comparison, IE8 Beta was downloaded only 1.3 million times and it took them five days to do so.

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  1. Armin says:

    Is Internet Explorer making a comeback? I myself hope not. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera deserve more market share.

  2. Matthew says:

    2 million downloads? That seems dangerously close to the number of people who have Vista/Windows 7.
    IE9 would be much more popular if they opened it to Windows XP.
    XP is still by far the most popular operating system.

    • cousin33 says:

      If this 2 million is dangerously close to Win7 and Win Vista users combined, than Linux is dangerously close to Windows’ market share… :)
      Win7 has sold more than 175 million copies, and about the same applies to Vista, which means about >150x times more, than this 2 million.
      Maybe not all its costumers uses Win7, but there won’t be 2 million IE9 users either…

      • Matthew says:

        I know, I’m exaggerating slightly, but your logic is a bit off
        175 million Vista users plus 175 million Win7 users
        is going to be closer to 175 million total than it is to 350 million.  Anyone who switched to Vista will switch to Win 7 as soon as they possibly can. You’re not going to have Vista users “staying put” — unless you want to concede that Windows 7 is just Vista re-packaged.  ;)
        At any rate, I’m a Windows XP user who will soon be a Linux/XP user, until support for XP is totally dropped. I’ve been a PC user since the 1980’s (I got my first PC in 1992). I’m a computer programmer.
        I ditched XP before (about 95% of the way), but came back to XP because I already owned the XP license, and XP was/is a very good operating system. However, if MS is going to come out with bloated software, force us to upgrade, and render our collection of XP software unusable, forget it!
        If I’m going to learn something new, get all new software, etc. might as well go open source! I tested Ubuntu 10.4 yesterday and it looks awesome. The Live CD gave me full use of my video card (driver was installed with no help from me), found my wireless Internet connection, etc. That’s just a bootable LiveCD, not the actual installation! Linux has improved a lot in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been away.

  3. Matthew says:
    Windows XP has twice as much market share than Windows 7 and Windows Vista COMBINED.
    Microsoft is getting desperate. They don’t want us to be happy with a purchase we made 9 years ago. The beast needs money.

  4. Eric says:

    Gosh it is so silly, it is so time to get more modern and upgrade to a newer OS.. whether it be Mac or PC who cares.. why are you stuck in the times people?

  5. nvm says:

    2 million? That sounds kind of lame, actually. I mean, other browsers get more downloads than that!