Weekly Browsers Recap, June 14th

By | June 14, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, June 14th


Internet Explorer 9 vs. Safari 5 (Hardware Acceleration)
With the recent Safari 5 announcement, Apple has also introduced hardware acceleration support for Windows machines.

New Internet Explorer 8 Ad Campaign Begins
In effort to strengthen Internet Explorer 8 position in the market and raise people awareness, Microsoft has launched a new ad campaign.

Internet Explorer 7.5 with AutoVanish (Picture)
Here’s how IE 7.5 should have been designed, according to =code2 from DeviantArt.com

Firefox Co-Founder is Skeptical about Firefox Growth
Blake Ross, the co-founder of Firefox web browser appears to be skeptical about Firefox growth.

Apple Fixes Few Google Chrome Bugs
Few days ago, Google has released a new stable version of Chrome: 5.0.375.70.

Apple Releases Safari 5
Just as everyone expected, Apple has recently announced the availability of Safari 5 web browser.

10 Artistic Web Browser Photos
Now here is something to freshen things up.

Proper Web Browser (Picture)
Now here is an interesting one. TaerkEX, a member of DeviantART has created a simple APNG (Animated PNG) animation.

BOLT Renders Its Billionth Page
Mobile web browser BOLT, which is now used by more than 7.3 million people worldwide, has rendered its billionth web page…

64-bit Flash is No More
It looks like with the recent Flash 10.1 Final release, Adobe has also removed 64-bit Flash Player (for Linux) from their web page.

Adobe Flash 10.1 Now Available
It appears that Adobe has finished working on a stable Flash 10.1 release and made it available for you to download.


Thanks to Blake and RamaSubbu SK for links.


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