Latest Opera Snapshot Receives More HTML5 Features Support

By | June 14, 2010

Latest Opera Snapshot Receives More HTML5 Features SupportToday’s Opera browser snapshot (non-stable) has introduced a support of four HTML5 related features, as well as Cross-Document Messaging update.

Those features are:
WebM support for HTML5 video (demo)
HTML5 Offline Web Applications (demo)
Geolocation (not fully implemented in FreeBSD/Linux builds yet) (demo)
Web Workers (demo)

On a side note, Bing is now set as a default Speed Dial search engine. For a complete list of changes, visit the following post.

Download: (use it on your own risk)

Thanks to “narzędzia pneumatyczne” for the news tip.


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  1. Surprise, surprise :)
    Opera devs are amazing :P
    It was of course to be expected, but not so fast :)
    For chrome this update alone would be a next major version :P

  2. Fiasco says:

    It’s Alpha or Beta?

  3. Andylee says:

    @Fiasco: It is neither an Alpha nor  a Beta. It’s a snapshot… a dev built that is released in between the official Alpha and Beta releases. These are exclusively available through the desktopteam blog and help the devs at Opera Software to find bugs faster

  4. Ichann says:

    Ilve just downloaded the saturday snapshot. Looks Like I need to upgrade again.
    Oh the agony :)

  5. ON says:

    This snap scores 156 at

  6. lee says:

    I don’t like the new opera but guess what? When I try to install the last version (which I did like) after doing a system re-insatall, it automaticaly upgrades to the newest version before I get a chance to cofigure it so it won’t do that!  Goodbye Opera!