64-bit Flash is No More

By | June 12, 2010

64-bit Flash is No MoreIt looks like with the recent Flash 10.1 Final release, Adobe has also removed 64-bit Flash Player (for Linux) from their web page.

While company failed to provide any real reason for such change and simply said:

The Flash Player 10.1 64-bit Linux beta is closed. We remain committed to delivering 64-bit support in a future release of Flash Player.

Recent page update has clarified that they are still working on 64-bit Flash Player for all major platforms and will deliver it in an upcoming major Flash Player release.

We have temporarily closed the Labs program of Flash Player 10 for 64-bit Linux, as we are making significant architectural changes to the 64-bit Linux Flash Player and additional security enhancements.


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  1. nvm says:

    “64-bit Flash is No More”
    This is BS. Why are you inventing these headlines? The actual text doesn’t match the title. Fix it.

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    I remember using Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 and there was nothing wrong with it. I think Adobe are being two-faced (like the time they said that they supported Open Standards, remember that?).

  3. RamaSubbu SK says:

    They have to release the plugin for x64. All the vendors should start releasing the software in x64 bit, so that we can get ride off WinSxS and SysWOW64 folder in Windows and save GBs of hard disk space.
    Just because all these plugins and software are available only in 32-bit, Windows have to add all those junk files.

  4. Thankfully I downloaded it some time ago. And it did fixed a lot of issues I’ve had with flash (especially on Opera) on my Ubuntu. Its weird though, cause I didn’t experienced any problems.