Apple Releases Safari 5

By | June 8, 2010

Apple Releases Safari 5

Just as everyone expected, Apple has recently announced the availability of Safari 5 web browser.

If you haven’t yet read “Safari 5 Plausible Features” post (which turned out to be true), here’s what’s new:

  • Safari Reader
  • Better HTML5 Support
  • Enhanced speed and improved Nitro JavaScript performance
  • Hardware graphics acceleration for Windows
  • Additional Bing search engine
  • Safari Signed and Sandboxed Extensions
  • Safari Developer Program
  • Safari Extensions Gallery
  • .. and more


Thanks to Blake for this!


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  1. Ok, fine. Now how does this hardware acceleration looks in comparission to IE9 hardware acceleration or Opera’s software rendering?

  2. fdsafads says:

    Great con apple!
    Installer includes all sort of shit! The uninstaller only uninstall safari. Now i am left with a whole heap of shit to uninstall!
    Rotten Apple

  3. Ichann says:

    Didnt you cover this already? Or was I just delusional since Il’ve read it 100 million times today.
    Ohh boy.
    The only notable difference is the reader thing. Ohh and they re-intoruced the inlin loading thing. Bet you didnt read that on the interwebs.

  4. Grrblt says:

    They boast their performance improvements and say they’re (again) the fastest browser there. I don’t have a mac but I do have win7.
    On sunspider I got 341 vs 310 in Opera 10.6.
    Peacekeeper I got 4252 vs 7378. It was about even on Data and DOM operations, but horribly behind in all others.  The Rendering test visibly stuttered even on the mid size color-changing squares thing. Wasn’t there supposed to be some hardware acceleration of graphics?

  5. web says:

    omg it started crashing again and again after fresh isntall