Weekly Browsers Recap, June 7th

By | June 7, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, June 7th


Microsoft Pushes Hard with Internet Explorer 9
It looks like Microsoft IE team tries to do its best to make you forget about Internet Explorer 6/7 mess.

Internet Explorer 6 Market Share to Reach 10% in 2010
If we analyze Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 market share trend, the following conclusion can be made.

Mozilla to Add Weave Sync for the Next Firefox Release
It appears that Mozilla has decided to integrate data synch feature into the upcoming major Firefox release.

Firefox 4.0 UI Redesign, Latest Screenshots
Here are the latest Firefox UI design mockups, straight from Stephen Horlander blog.

Mozilla Introduces 64-bit Flavor
Back in April, Mozilla has started releasing 64 bit Firefox builds for Linux and Mac OSX operating systems.

Google Chrome OS Launching this Fall
The long awaited Google Chrome OS will be make its debut later this year.

Safari 5 Plausible Features
If MacGeneration rumors are true, Apple will unveil Safari 5 web browser tomorrow at WWDC 2010.

May, 2010 – Internet Explorer, Firefox Share Goes Down; Chrome, Opera and Safari – Up
Another month, another market report. Let’s begin.

Apple HTML5 Demos
Today Apple has launched a web site to demonstrate HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript capabilities.


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    That article in the Smashing Mag is fantastic. The reseter in particular, great help! I’d read it already, so just giving the heads up.

  2. WOFall says:

    The Great Feature Train Robbery? Bit of a flash from the past ;)