Apple Fixes Few Google Chrome Bugs

By | June 10, 2010

Apple Fixes Few Google Chrome BugsFew days ago, Google has released a new stable version of Chrome: 5.0.375.70.

What’s interesting about this update is the fact that Apple has actually fixed 2 of Google Chrome security vulnerabilities:

[44740] High Memory corruption in font handling. Credit: Apple.
[44955] High Memory corruption in rendering of list markers. Credit: Apple.

It also appears that Google is occasionally rewarding people, who fix critical bugs, for instance:

[$2000] [39985] High Cross-origin bypass in DOM methods. Credit to Sergey Glazunov.
[$500] [42723] High Memory error in table layout. Credit to wushi of team509.

However, according to TechCrunch, Apple did not receive any cash. What a tremendous loss for a multi-billion company.

Thanks to Blake for this.


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  1. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Interesting to see, how these companies help each other.

  2. nvm says:

    These companies are helping themselves.

  3. Ichann says:

    I understand your rhetoric. To my knowledge open source should not equal profit (pretty ironic since developers of the linux platform are reimbursed for their efforts.)
    Goto love apple though. Steal from the open source community. Build upon it. Then patent the shit out of it.

  4. Foo says:

    Apple is one of the maintainers for WebKit.