10 Artistic Web Browser Photos

By | June 11, 2010

Now here is something to freshen things up. A collection of artistic web browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer) photos/digital art, or just old “Internet Explorer vs. Firefox” argument, to be exact.

Firefox vs Internet Explorer (Good vs. Evil), by shlomit
Good vs. Evil

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, by StphArt
Firefox vs Internet Explorer

IE vs. Firefox, by rsphotocreation
IE vs Firefox

Pro Utilitate Hominum, by Kasamizuki
Pro Utilitate Hominum

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, by woofoo94
Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Firefox vs. IE: Pacman, by iridium-six
Firefox vs. IE: Pacman

Phoenix Firefox, by FraNz85
Phoenix Firefox

Firefox lady, by ToyBoxArts
Firefox Lady

Basistka Firefox, by Basistka
Basistka Firefox

Firefox wallpaper, by RGB Magazine
Firefox wallpaper

Got any more to share? Let us know.


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  1. Foo says:

    Cute ^^
    Foxkeh is an “obvious” one.
    A dark and soft one that doesn’t distract.
    Don’t hurt the web.
    Global Warming.
    Icefox and Firefox.
    A nice collection, sadly most are direct links :-(
    The real Firefox is nice too :-)

  2. Thanks a lot for having published my photo creation :) ^^

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Where can I get a key chain like that one?! I want Firefox for a key chain!

    • Ichann says:

      If not, your local embroidery should be able to help. While you are there ask how much they charge t to embroid FF logos.

  4. metude says:

    This is not “10 artistic web browser photos”…
    This is “10 artistic firefox browser photos”…

  5. nvm says:

    Yawn. More Firefox propaganda.