Weekly Browsers Recap, August 30th

By | August 30, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, August 30th


Internet Explorer 9 UI Screenshot, Features
Out of all potential IE9 “leaks” and concepts, this one is definitely the most plausible.

Facebook Chat to Stop Supporting IE6
According to Facebook blog post, company will be dropping Internet Explorer 6 support for its chat application…

Firefox 4 Beta 4 Hits the Streets
By fixing a total of 623 bugs, Mozilla has just released another beta of long awaited, Firefox 4 web browser.

The Joys of Private Browsing Mode
In case you haven’t heard yet, “private web browsing” is a feature that allows users to surf the web…

Opera Software Q2 2010 Financial Results
Today, Opera Software has reported Q2 2010 financial results.

Windows Phone 7 Browser Comparison
Guys at PocketNow.com compared Windows Phone 7, iPhone and Android browsing experience.

Maxthon 3 Released
Maxthon International has recently released the final version of Maxthon 3 web browser that enables

Steam Software Survey
It looks like Steam survey now also tracks software usage.

H.264 Is Now Free, Sort Of
MPEG-LA, the group behind H.264 codec licensing declared Internet Broadcast AVC free from royalties…

SkyFire for iPhone to be Submitted Soon
According to MobileCrunch, a company behind SkyFire will be submitting its mobile web browser to Apple’s…


Anything else? Let us know.

Thanks to Grzesiek, Michael Pürmayr and Nox for the news tips.

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  1. Grrblt says:

    Hey Vygantas
    I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to make your off-site links default to open in a new tab. At least the links in a recap post like this one. When there’s a bunch of links I find myself trying to tab back to the favbrowser site but it’s not there, and I usually close the tab when reading the article too so I have to reopen the favbrowser tab all the time. Throw up a poll if you’re not sure what the majority prefers.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      I was going to say that you can simply middle-click the links to open them in new tabs, but I decided not to, because if I did, you’d kill yourself of shame.

      • Foo says:

        If you only have two buttons for some strange reason, you can also do Ctrl+Left click or use the context menu.
        There are also several extensions available that does what you want, the most active ones seems to be DomainTab and Tab Mix Plus.

      • Grrblt says:

        I wouldn’t kill myself of shame because you would be wrong. Not that I’d kill myself of shame even if you were right.
        And the point isn’t that it’s difficult to open in new tabs – I know how to do it – the point is that it’s a matter of convenience not to have to do it because as I said, I forget that favbrowser is different from every other news site I visit except slashdot in this regard and it means that I lose my favbrowser and slashdot tabs frequently.

    • Hi,

      While I agree this sounds great, I personally don’t like sites that force you to open links in a new window, kind of feels “old school”. Also, W3 does not suggest you to add “blank” as well.

      Try CTR+Shift+Click for them to open in a background, for example, or CTRL+Click, depending on your keyboard shortcut settings. In this way, every reader gets what he wants.