Maxthon 3 Released

By | August 29, 2010 | 24 Comments

Maxthon 3 Screenshots

Maxthon International has recently released the final version of Maxthon 3 web browser that enables users to use both, Trident and Webkit rendering engines, as well as V8 JavaScript engine.

Furthermore, it now includes features such as: Speed Dial, Sync, Mouse Gestures, Maxthon Multi Search and more.


Review is coming soon.

Thanks to Ichann for the news tip.

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  • asfa

    I like this version, is pretty, but i feel is a little unstable.

  • Armin

    Looks a bit like Opera to me. I do hope Maxthon gains some market share so as to further provide competition. The only market that I can think of where Maxthon currently stands out is China.

    • nvm

      The Maxthon guys are asshats. I hope they never gain a significant following.

      • Andy

        Why do you say that? Just curious, I have no experience with them or Maxthon

        • nvm

          Read their official blog. They are truly a**holes.

  • narzędzia warsztatowe

    Yep, it looks likes Opera, has same functionality as Opera. Competition is good, but why use Chinese imitation, when you can have European original.  :P

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      To be fair, they do look pretty much the same, be it Opera, Chrome, Firefox 4 or maybe even IE9.

      It’s surprisingly fun browser though.

      • Lou S.

        Looks like a combination of Chrome/Opera. IE 9 and Firefox 4 Look this way too. I do miss the “Plug ins Bar” , and why is there  no ” Send Link as…” option to mail Links. Otherwise it is pretty fast. I give it a 3 out 5

    • Ichan

      Because Opera are arrogant.
      Who likes the maxthon installer. It is really nice. Is it written from scratch. (Yes It is a ripoff of the Microsoft Office installer but still.)

      • nvm

        Because Opera are arrogant.


        • Rafael

          Correcting the text: “Because PEOPLE are arrogant.”

          • Ichan

            To me?

  • Ichan

    Thanks to Ichann for the news tip.

    Yeah ten years ago :D

    Go Maxthon steal like a whore. :)

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      Imagine my Inbox then :-) Finally, I can delete your mail though.

      Might publish review today or tomorrow.

  • filip007

    This browser is a joke, but good enough for China i guess, anyway don’t use it. They have managed to copy what ever is out there.

    • Ichan

      Give me one browser that hasn’t done this
      Better intact; Give me a browser that has introduced something ‘revolutionary’ lately.
      People forget that all this sealing/copying/improving is a win for consumers. I don’t care if X copied Y, if it means I get a better choice from an usability aspect I wouldn’t complain.
      Think about it this way. I love INTEL but would it prove a good feat if AMD was to die?
      Will it be good if NVIDIA or ATI rule supreme?
      Choice. Do not take it for granted.

      • filip007

        Well it looks like Opera by tabs and at lest web browsing works, you don’t hit many trees with this browser i give you that, but the rest is a bit for childish.

      • nvm

        Chrome introduced separate processes per tab. That’s a huge revolution.

        • Foo

          AfaIk, PCIE is the same concept and were announced several months before Google Chrome.

        • Ichan

          I thought FF was the pioneer of that.
          BTW: I find it useless.

  • Shane B

    I’ve heard Maxthon 3 will have Maxthon 2′s features ported to it in future releases and Maxthon International are looking for ambassadors ATM.

  • Jeff

    Im currently using maxthon 3. I have to say that it definitely feels like an opera knockoff.  Seems stable and lightweight. installation only took a couple seconds. Its pretty quick for being based off the trident engine. When I think of trident, I think of IE, then I think of slowness.  But its better than I expected, even though i set my expectations for this browser really low. But thumbs up for maxthon :)

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