The Joys of Private Browsing Mode

By | August 24, 2010 | 13 Comments

In case you haven’t heard yet, “private web browsing” is a feature that allows users to surf the web without leaving any trace of visited sites history.

Well, Mozilla has decided to run a study and publish such feature usage numbers.

The Joys of Private Browsing Mode

Although there is nothing wrong with this slide, next one begs to differ:
The Joys of Private Browsing Mode

Do we really need to comment on this one? Okay, what’s the average time user spends on adult related web pages? Bing :-)


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  • Chaki

    Or maybe they check on something on a public terminal? :D

  • Armin

    Firefox users only last 10 minutes? :-/

    • Andylee

      wanna see opera privacy mode statistics!

      • Armin

        I wouldn’t mind seeing privacy mode statistic for all five top browsers.

      • Grrblt

        I’d show you, but it’s private.

    • Foo

      Hurr durr

      Not everyone puts as much value and effort into singleplayer as you Opera folks do.

      • Armin

        Nice trolling you did there. It’s obviously serious business for you. Funny thing is that I use Firefox myself. :-D

        • Foo

          Nah, just a troll answer to a troll comment.
          Like your “comeback”. =)

          • Armin

            Just poking some fun, including at myself since I use Firefox, but it obviously hit you a bit harder than intended. The truth hurts I guess? ^^

          • Foo

            It would hurt if I’d been one of those that are having 1-16hours sessions and we were talking about them. =P
            … or rather, “sad” is a better description when they don’t have better things to do, isn’t it?
            Personally I find it more funny that people think they can make others believe that they never watch porn; or listen, as is the case for blind people. =)

      • web

        oh and remember opera was one of the lastest to receive private mode

  • David Washburn

    Interesting stats!
    If you’re interested in an even more private browsing experience… check out it’s a Firefox plug-in that runs your browsing through a proxy and encrypts it all for you. It’s in beta and free if you want to check it out. There’s a bunch of other cool features as well.

  • Andylee

    mine is that in total I spent about 5 minutes in private browsing (one private tab only)  in total. I still don’t find a case where I have to use it -.-