Firefox 4 Beta 4 Hits the Streets

By | August 24, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 4 Hits the StreetsBy fixing a total of 623 bugs, Mozilla has just released another beta of long awaited, Firefox 4 web browser.

The following release includes few changes and improvements, among those are: Firefox Sync, Firefox Overview, HTML5 “buffered” video property support and experimental API to improve JavaScript animations.

Release Notes.


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  1. Very nice, I admit that I didn’t expect it so fast. Few months ago I thought that we won’t see 4 final this year. Now I’m not so sure.  But thats great for browsers in general :)

    • Armin says:

      It was supposed to come out Friday, then Monday, and then it finally arrived late on Tuesday. >_>

  2. Wifiaero says:

    It’s slow and buggy on adobe flash if you switch two tabs the old tab will get stuck on the screen and also it doesn’t even utilize full Hardware Acceleration and it’s not my computer because Opera works so fast on my computer all I got to say I hope Firefox learn their mistakes from the beta feedback because once Internet Explorer 9 get released Firefox will officially be the slowest browser on the web

  3. Mike says:

    Bookmark Sync is an inferior version of Opera-Link, which not only does bookmarks, but Notes, Speedials, Layouts, ContentBlock filters, Typed History (AwesomeBar in Mozilla speak), Search Engines and much more…

    • nobody says:

      and for some, this awesome Opera Link fails more often than it does not – syncing bookmarks from the past, not syncing notes, loosing various stuff and in general being very unreliable
      and it still does not sync what is most important – settings and sessions.

    • Foo says:

      What “bookmark sync” are you talking about? Firefox Sync can by default sync:


      In addition to that, any extension can create their own items that can be synced.

      and much more…

      Try convincing yourself of that…

  4. Armin says:

    Tab Mix Plus still cripples the browser. I am not amused. :-(

    • Foo says:

      TMP works fine here on Minefield 4.0b5pre.

      • Armin says:

        Firefox 4 Beta 4 now allows me to visit websites by pressing “Enter” or the blue arrow in the address bar, even with Tab Mix Plus installed, but some Tab Mix Plus features have ceased to work in return. I’ll just have to wait. :-( You’re also way ahead with the testing it seems.

        • Foo says:

          Well, there’s a ton of options in TMP so I’m not surprised that I missed something. Oh well, he’s working on it so there’s really not much to be worried about. :-)

          You’re also way ahead with the testing it seems.

          I figure, I might as well be. I’ve never experienced profile corruption and Firefox automagically creates backups of the bookmarks on a regular basis. Even better, now that Sync is built-in I can always restore from there too and there’s really nothing important in my profile anyway.
          But the major thing is that I can try out awesome stuff such as, for example, -moz-element which rocks.

          • Armin says:

            I actually downloaded Firefox 4 Beta 4 again and got Tab Mix Plus this time and it seems to be working. I haven’t encountered any issues yet. Thank you. I am doing this from work by the way. I won’t bother messing around at home again until some final releases come out.

  5. Foo says:

    Panorama, not overview. :)

  6. filip007 says:

    I hope that they will invent something new, so far just Opera copycat.