SkyFire for iPhone to be Submitted Soon

By | August 26, 2010 | 7 Comments

SkyFire for iPhone to be Submitted SoonAccording to MobileCrunch, a company behind SkyFire will be submitting its mobile web browser to Apple’s app store early next week.

If SkyFire for iPhone/iPad is anything like other platform versions, users will finally be able to watch Flash videos or other media content.

Skyfire Labs, Inc. did not comment on the story.

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  • Andylee

    Flash on the iPhone?
    Come on… that’s too good to believe :)

    • narzędzia warsztatowe

      Flash videos to be exact. Not flash. AFAIK videos are converted to other format on the fly. Its pretty common technology those days, all youtube downloaders, etc work this way.

      • nobody

        but no other mobile browser do that, and this is quite a feat (costly for them :/)
        and you do not need to convert anything in most cases, as most flash videos are in h.264 anyway and only require ‘repackaging’
        due to my 2.2 android having native flash (and it rocks) i do not care for it, but i can tell you one. going back to iphone after a month with 2.2 is painfull, mostly because of lack of flash

        • narzędzia warsztatowe

          yes you are right about h.264

      • Foo

        Flash video doesn’t use any special formats, so you can simply download the video itself.
        Youtube-dl for example does this.
        You can find a list of formats and the codecs and containers they use on Wikipedia.

  • Ichan

    This browser was pretty bad.
    I hope they fix some flaws

  • nvm

    Skyfire will die. Opera is barely making money off of regular Opera Mini users, so the cost of running Skyfire must be astronomical.