Weekly Browsers Recap, August 17th

By | August 17, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, August 17th


Internet Explorer 9 Launching on September 15th
IE team has just announced the launch of Internet Explorer 9 Beta that will take place in San Francisco on September 15th.

Firefox 4 Beta 3, Now with Multi Touch
Mozilla has just released the Beta 3 of Firefox web browser that enables multi-touch…

How to Remove Firefox New Tab Button
If you want to hide a Firefox new tab button, follow these simple steps…

Google Chrome to Phone Now Available
During the press event in San Francisco, Google has announced the availability of Chrome to Phone extension.

Google Chrome 6 Beta Improves Performance, Again
Yesterday, Google has released the Beta version of Chrome 6 web browser that not only increases JavaScript performance…

Download Opera 10.61
Although Opera 10.61 has not been officially released yet, you may still grab it from Opera’s FTP servers.

Are Opera Users the Most Valuable?
Thanks to Sarah from Infolinks, we have received an exclusive study on browser users behavior.

MSN (Windows Live) Chat in Opera
One of the my.opera.com users has written a tutorial that enables you to chat with your MSN contacts…

Google SSL Search is Broken in Safari 5
It looks like there are some issues with Google SSL Search and/or Safari 5 web browser.

A List of Web Browser Ad-Blockers
Did you know that there are over 30 ad block plugins and extensions for the top 5 web browsers?


Thanks to Nox for the news tips.


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