Google Chrome to Phone Now Available

By | August 14, 2010

During the press event in San Francisco, Google has announced the availability of Chrome to Phone extension.

What does it do?
Basically, it allows you to send currently selected text, links, maps, etc. from your Chrome web browser to any Android 2.2 devices.



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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Ouch, long way to go there Google. Firefox itself is available on Android, with sync, no less, and this kind of service is available for iPhone…

    • nobody says:

      give me a link to firefox for android please if you can
      was trying to find one, and couldnt. will it work with 2.1 or should i try to squeze 2.2 onto one of my phones?
      and if you are talking about iPhone, what do you mind? mobileMe? this is paid option and it does not allow simply tossing pieces of information around like this solution

    • nvm says:

      Firefox on Android? Why?! Firefox is far too bloated for phones. Chrome owns it any day.

  2. Foo says:

    … hasn’t this been available for some time already?
    Anyhow, there’s also a FoxToPhone extension available for Firefox, with some additional features.