Firefox 4 Beta 3, Now with Multi Touch

By | August 12, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 3, Now with Multi TouchMozilla has just released the Beta 3 of Firefox web browser that not only fixes a total of 470 bugs, but also enables multi-touch on Windows 7 machines.

Also, by changing JavaScript value representation, they managed to improve JS performance when executing heavy, numeric code.



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  1. Armin says:

    That is all fine and dandy, but what use is it to me when Firefox 4 still doesn’t recognise when I press “Enter” or click the blue arrow in the address bar? I cannot visit websites and I don’t understand why that is. It is still a beta, yes, but this is the most important feature of a web browser, is it not?

    • Foo says:

      Have you tried looking for help on SUMO, for example:
      Firefox cannot load websites but other programs can
      Error loading web sites
      If that fails, have you asked on the support forums or the live chat when it’s open.
      If you find that it’s not a problem with your settings and rather a problem with the code then please file a bug so it can be fixed.
      Whining on random sites helps no one, you might as well go and rant at stray cats. All of the above information can be easily found through the Help menu in Firefox.

      • Armin says:

        Thanks, the live chat link actually helped. Although the guy didn’t give me any advice to actually solve the problem, I came up with a solution myself after following his advice.

        • Foo says:

          Cool. :) Hope I didn’t come of as too harsh.
          Mind sharing your solution, if it’s not too much work? In case someone else with the same problem arrives here after searching for a solution.

          • Armin says:

            This is probably pretty embarrassing, but the culprit was Tab Mix Plus, an essential Firefox extension. The reason I didn’t figure this out earlier is because I always rushed to install the extensions before surfing and Tab Mix Plus worked just fine. Little did I realise that it crippled my browser! Still, I refuse to surf without Tab Mix Plus so I guess I’ll be sticking with another browser for now.

          • Foo says:

            Ah, that’s one reason that’s it good to know about Firefox safe mode and use it when necessary. They really ought to push it more, for example adding a “Restart into safe-mode” option under the help menu or something like that.
            Not really embarrassing, it happens to many people that they forget about extensions they find to be essential.
            It’s been ages since I last used TMP, but Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build seems to work fine on Minefield 4.0b4pre from what I can tell, so you could try that if you feel like it.
            Also, this comment by zoid might be of interest to you (with fixed linkage):

            You don’t want Tab Mix Plus added to Firefox. It one of the addons that slows down Firefox down to a crawl. Install Firefox addons Tabberwocky and Undo Closed Tab Button

  2. daddylo says:

    why does ff 4 take to launch this long …. beta , then RC ,
    I am saying , after IE 9 , ff 4 will be available . at that time google chrome will have version 15 with 20% faster JavaScript speed no new features :D