Internet Explorer 9 Launching on September 15th

By | August 13, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Launching on September 15th

It’s finally happening. IE team has just announced the launch of Internet Explorer 9 Beta that will take place in San Francisco on September 15th.

This appears to be one of the most anticipated product launches this year.

Furthermore, this could mark the new era of IE breed with faster and more frequent updates. Who knows, maybe by the time Windows 8 is released, we will already have Internet Explorer 10.

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks and RamaSubbu SK for the news tip.


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    • Armin says:

      Seems like IE9 will still lag behind the other browsers, especially Opera and Chrome. Nothing new, really.

  1. Tiago Sá says:

    I believe user experience will be key for Internet Explorer’s success. Only about 10% of the market really cares about speed (in the way that Chrome users seem to care), and the remaining 90% cares about user experience more than anything else. It’s something that Chrome neglects and Firefox 4 will have as one of its main focus, and I think IE9 has a real change to become one of the best browsers once again.
    Also, September 2010 for the first beta? Then final is going to be released by September 2011, just in time for the first major SP for Windows 7?

  2. Dwight Stegall says:

    I’m happy to see Internet Explorer will finally be standards compliant. It will be nice not to have to write one set of code for it and another for everything else.
    But it still has no about:config, addons are hard to remove, the favorites suck and the worst tab system of any browser. I will never use it for anything but checking my pages.

    • nvm says:

      What makes you think IE will be standards compliant? A few selected tests designed to make it look good? LOL.