Weekly Browsers Recap, September 27th

By | September 27, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, September 27th


FavBrowser and Opera Give Away
Today, we are giving away a couple of cool T-shirts, Pens, Stickers and Phone/Card necklaces from Opera Software.

Internet Explorer 9 32 bit (x86) vs. IE9 64 bit (x64)
Today, we look at IE9 Beta (x86-64) vs. (x86) performance benchmarks. With…

Microsoft: Windows 7 SP1 Is Not Required
Following TechNet FAQ that suggests on installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Another IE9 Ad Spotted
It appears that Microsoft is trying really hard to hype its web browser. With previously spotted IE9 ads,

Internet Explorer 9: Two Million Downloads and Counting
According to Microsoft, with the recent Internet Explorer 9 Beta release,

Want IE9? Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1
If no Windows XP support for was not enough, then here is another bit.

Firefox 4 Receives Paste and Go
It looks like Firefox developers are following Opera and Chrome web

Firefox 4 to Include Optimized Session Restore
Recently, Firefox 4 nightly builds has received a yet another feature that is…

Mozilla’s Seabird Phone Concept
Mozilla’s Seabird Phone ConceptBilly May from Mozilla Labs community has created a conceptional video that…

Opera Software Cheese Slicer Review
If you haven’t heard about Opera Software yet, it’s a cheese slicer manufacturer, based in Oslo, Norway.
While we are working on a new version of FavBackup, here is a minor update for you.


Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks, Ichan and Nox for the news tip.

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  1. Good place to ask – what do you think (everybody and nobody) about this Opera’s avalanche thing (Up North Web) ?? Any ideas?? Inside confidential info??

    • monty says:

      My ideas:
      1. my.opera redesign – unlikely, because there was no open beta tests yet and previous my.opera changes didn’t get any ‘special’ pages. Also keywords on that webpage suggest that there will be press conference so it’s propably be something new.
      2. Dragonfly redesign – there were some comments about it from developers letely, but nothing specific.
      3. The “new big addition to browser” mentioned several times by Haavard. Why I even consider this? Mostly because he said he was first to mention this avalanche thing even through he said he has no idea what is this page about.
      4. Some company related stuff like new acquisition. Very unlikely.
      5. Like someone suggested on forums –  new Opera Mail service.
      6. Opera 11. Unlikely, however we should see some preview at the end of 2010.
      7. Something too random to guess like Unite – it was the only thing with similar page, at least in last few years.

    • Purify (Tom) says:

      I still have no idea what it even is. When I go to the page, it doesn’t even give any information.