Firefox 4 Beta 6 Out Now

By | September 28, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 6 Out NowWith the release of Beta 6, Mozilla continues Firefox 4 polishing. The latest version fixes a total of 5 bugs that lead to a bit more stable web browser.

Currently, Beta 7 is targeted for the 2nd Half of September release, with the RC coming sometime in October. However, those dates are not final and may change at any time.


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  1. Armin says:

    I am becoming rather anxious. I want Firefox 4 already!

    • Rammy says:

      Don’t hold your breath. It will be barely better than Chrome. Stick with Firefox 3.6 before Firefox 4.1 gets the real good stuff out.

    • Aspie says:

      I have the latest beta version on my laptop.

    • Aspie says:

      I hope Firefox gets tot the top of the market, I feel many people overlook Firefox, maybe there not aware of the addons and stuff. Google Chrome offers only fas speed, it isn’t as easy to use as Firefox like installing addons and themes, Firefox wins for that. Also Google Chrome doesn’t have any security which is what most people aren’t aware of, Google also collects your personal information when you use anything of theirs.
      I’ve tested Google Chrome and compared it to the Fox and Firefox is the best  browser, it may not be the fastest but it does have more security which is  what is important (or at least should be).

  2. Reaction says:

    Why are you reporting two week old news?

  3. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Its unfortunate for Firefox that they will develope their mobile version only for Android. Firefox might start lose its market share in a year or two, they don’t innovate better than Chrome. Chrome in Android is not soo bad for users to download additional MB of Firefox. Then the Firefox becomes only for Fan boys.

    Firefox please innovate more and faster then other browsers.

    • max1c says:

      Firefox has been losing market share ever since Google stopped supporting Mozilla. After Google made their own browser you don’t see Firefox adds on web like you used but Chrome ads now =|. Very slowly but Firefox is losing market, probably gonna rocket up after release of 4 and then go down again in a month or two.

      • Wifiaero says:

        I got to say if I could rate the speeds, Google Chrome is about 97% fast firefox 3.6 is 90% fast firefox 4.0 is 70% fast and Internet Explorer is 93% fast Opera is 100% fast

        • daddylo says:

          yep, firefox stuck in the games that I play  which require  fast clicking , only chrome and Opera can .
          No longer using chrome after there hidden annoying googleupdater.exe  didn’t got uninstalled when I unisntalled Chrome….
          IE 9 and FF 4 wil be good if a person have dedicated graphic card till then Opera and Chrome :D ..

      • Armin says:

        Even this very site has been showing me a Chrome ad these past few days. It hopefully won’t affect the integrity.