Firefox 4 Receives Paste and Go

By | September 23, 2010

Firefox 4 Receives Paste and GoIt looks like Firefox developers are following Opera and Chrome web browsers, as latest builds now include a much needed, “Paste and Go” functionality in both, address bar and search engine forms.

Just like in Opera or Google Chrome, menu will appear after you right click on one of the forms. If everything works as expected, you may also assign a shortcut, such as CTRL+B or any other.

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  1. Armin says:

    Finally? Opera has had it for ages and Chrome, although a much younger browser, was inspired to use it itself long before Firefox.

    • Foo says:

      Firefox has had this for ages, it’s just more discoverable by now. Before you could only do this by middle-clicking the favicon in the locationbar.
      I like how Opera fanatics always gets out on a tangent on small details like this and more often than not get proven wrong time and time again.

      • Ichan says:

        How is it wrong?
        Opera had this where you would right click and select it from the context menu. They didn’t hide it like a twat now did they? Tred carefully
        One feature that Opera didnt ‘invent’ is the visual tabs thing. It’s been done before.

        • Foo says:

          Because it’s just a new way to access the same thing; a slower way, but still the same thing.


          Good one, I almost laughed.
          iRider came out the year before and it even had them in a tree style structure.
          A couple of years later and you got the Showcase extension.

      • Armin says:

        I don’t really feel proven wrong. I also don’t know why you assumed me an Opera fanatic when it was a general criticism of Firefox involving both Opera and Chrome. It really does seem Opera gets the general hate on here. Regardless, the method you describe sounds ridiculous. Keeping it simple is the way to go, right? That’s nobody’s main criticism of Opera most of the time anyway – that it’s not simple enough.

        • Foo says:

          Nah, that second part were more to point out my enjoyment with the behaviour of an average Opera fanatic.

          Opera gets the general hate on here

          That’s to be expected with the behaviour of their fanatics.

          Keeping it simple is the way to go, right?

          In what way is it not simple to simply middle-click the favicon? Do you also right-click on tabs to close them via their context menu?

          • Armin says:

            I middle click on tabs to close them. Just to clarify, do you copy a URL and then “paste and go” by middle clicking the favicon in a tab of your choosing or what exactly are you talking about?

          • Foo says:

            The favicon in the locationbar, the one you can click to bring up Larry (“passport guy”).

  2. max1c says:

    It’s funny how firefox 4 is getting all features Opera had for years. Great work Mozilla keep it up!

  3. daddylo says:

    Seems like it took ages to FF recognise this eh. Btw about time Firefox fanboys contribute to some new features , tired of FF coping features from Opera.

    • nobody says:

      and it would be nice if opera at least copied something from others.. like form autocomplete, better address bar search (searching in titles, ALL parts of url and mid-word – like others do), and add that little option to right click elements in menu (bookmarks!).
      oh, and developer tools would be nice (dragonfly is CRAP)

      • Dante says:

        “better address bar search” – Opera have only full text history search and search in bookmarks (description, aliases, address)
        “autocomplete” – with stored notes, personal information or  autocomplete userJS

        • nobody says:

          autocomplete with stored notes is like wearing old car tires instead of comforatble shoes – it does job done, but you really would like to do it otherwise
          address bar search is another matter – opera does full history search, that i find of very litle use (but it is only me, i do not claim that it is useless feature in general!) but on the other hand fails when it comes to ‘basics’. for some strange reason opera implementation of this search bar does not look in full  links, but only parts of them, cannot start its search in middle of a word (you cant find favbrowser typing only ‘browser’) and it does a POOR job of sorting the results – firefox and chrome both sort them much much better (based on access history etc). and opera search bar is pretty – but completely unreadable at the same time.
          opera is the most copied, but others start to have features that opera doesnt have, and cant have (because users cannot create them). it would be wise for opera to copy from time to time. others did good stuff also, ‘switch to tab’ is a killer feature of ff4 for me.

          • Dante says:

            “autocomplete with stored notes is like wearing old car tires instead of comforatble shoes”
            What if I want insert sored links or citations (synchronized from home) from notes? Autocomplete in Firefox or Chrome didn`t help.  Plus I use normal Autocomplete script in Opera with possibility erase data or not store data in certain sites.
            Quck find is for me better then Awesome bar in Firefox because I find right page not from URL (few words) or title (few words) but from text from page (big source for indexing words).

          • Nobody is right here. It always pisses me off.
            Navigate to:
            Close the tab.
            Write opvard in address bar – huh? where the hell is it??
            You need to write the whole url which is simply stupid.
            I don’t know is it a bug or what? But this should be changed.
            Check this out in FF or Chrome.

          • Dante says:

            Yes, Opera search only root of URL address but I love this:
            Visit, close page and try find VLC, Faststone or Notepad.
            Sometime, when I can not find visited good page then I use opera:historysearch.

      • stve says:

        Opera is definitely the most copied browser, paste & go has been a boon to me for years.  Surprised Firefox took so long to copy it.

  4. q1w8vr says:

    Why firefox guys need this? They like using add-ons.. why don’t they just use the “paste&go” add-on?.. :P
    So, what’s next? Mouse gestures, speed-dial, “search with..” on right click menu… a revolution comes :)

  5. Peter says:

    Didn’t Opera copy Awesome bar from Firefox?

  6. ruppert92 says:

    Why not copy & go?

    • Maybe because this is what links are for. Any url should be a link on website. If something isn’t a link it probably cannot be a target for “go” (it can be a target for search, translate or something “wiki” – but this is what browsers already support afaik).
      Paste&Go is great for links from other sources.

  7. People are full of hate about web browsers… people, each one uses the one it fits to their needs. I’m an Opera user for at least 5 years and the thing that made me use it since forever was the costumizability. No other web browser is on the same level on that point. Saying that I’ve seen all the features being copied from one browser to another but that is a fact that most of them arrive first to Opera (being their “invention” or not). One thing that makes me sad about using Opera is the developer tools… yeah, dragonfly does suck but at least ships out of the box (that is not necessarily better). Other thing I really think FF wins is on the popup blocker plug-ins, but again, it’s not out of box. I’m good with opera for now but I’m starting to like Chrome more everyday and FF less everyday. Just my opinion, each uses this information each way they like.

    P.S.: About the Copy and Go feature, don’t know about other browsers but Opera has it for ages, I believe the other browsers have it too, not sure though…