Weekly Browsers Recap, October 4th

By | October 4, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, October 4th


IE9 Beta: 6 Million Downloads in Two Weeks
Following 2 million downloads milestone on September 21st, Microsoft has…

Mozilla: No Firefox Browser for the iPhone
If you’ve been expecting to see Firefox for the iPhone anytime soon, then…

Firefox 4 Beta 6 Out Now
With the release of Beta 6, Mozilla continues Firefox 4 polishing. The latest…

How to Enable New Opera Dragonfly UI?
Would you like to test a new Opera Dragonfly UI? Here is how:

Opera Refreshes Opera Dragonfly UI
David Storey from Opera Software has just announced the upcoming and much needed…

Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta 2 for Symbian Released
Opera Software has just released the second beta of Opera Mobile 10.1 web browser.

Safari AutoFill Security Issue Appears, Again
Oh boy, here we go again…

Android Browsers: Skyfire vs. Dolphin HD vs. Opera Mini vs. Mozilla Fennec
Guys at PCWorld benchmarked Skyfire 2.0, Dolphin HD, Opera Mini, Mozilla…

XMarks Shutting Down
Formerly known as FoxMarks, a popular bookmark synchronization service

FavBrowser and Opera Give Away Winners (Updated)
Congratulations to…

FavBackup 2.0.2 Released
Here is a minor update that should fix Chrome 6 and Opera 10.60 compatibility issues


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  1. everybody says:

    Apperently that UNW thing will be press day hosted by Opera Software:
    I’m guessing they will show people some new stuff, like Opera 11.

    • Maybe with HWA. Although HWA is not that important at the moment. I hope for lots of other changes. Personally I guess it won’t be related that much to desktop, then maybe rather some other devices (maybe Opera Widgets on your Fridge, that sort of things). Unless it will be fully mobile widgets for Opera Mini :P