IE9 Beta: 6 Million Downloads in Two Weeks

By | October 1, 2010

IE9 Beta: 6 Million Downloads in Two WeeksFollowing 2 million downloads milestone on September 21st, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 9 Beta has now been downloaded more than 6 million times over the period of two weeks.

Furthermore, due to highly anticipated release, the Beauty of the Web site received over 30 million page views.

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    • Woooooooooow says:

      Comparing beta vs final? Way to go.

      • Somebody says:

        Also, Nobody would say that Opera just lie about their numbers so they are not valid anyway.

        • nobody says:

          oh please..
          opera has a way to tell the number of downloads from their own servers, and 10 mil looks legit, so why not?
          what id dispute is their reported number of active users – not per se, but the methodology they are using (it is not disclosed in any detail). this number frequently wasnt corelated in any way with market share analysis of various stat counter sites. and market share sites DO disclose their methodologies..
          as for the ie9, given the backslash of idiotic beta installation this is understandable, i do not presume that there was even one person that liked and enjoyed the seamless experience of installing MANUALLY 5 patches and doing 3 restarts

      • nvm says:

        Comparing one of the biggest companies in the world with massive mindshare and a monopoly in desktop OSes with a tiny browser vendor from Europe? Way to go.
        Face it, Microsoft is huge, and their marketing budget is bigger than ten Opera Software companies put together. That Microsoft fails so misreably just goes to show how little people care about IE9, despite Microsoft’s massive spendings to promote it.

        • google is watching You says:

          Why does everyone think Microsoft in 2010 is still huge??
          Microsoft is insignificant in comparison with the likes of Google!
          Not only that, but Google knows you personally, and intimatly depending on how many google’s spy products you use.
          Think about it, they know your contacts, your health, every single website you visit, what you’re interested in, who you’re interested in, what news you like, the way you think, your exact location, where you work, who you work for, potentially how much you get paid, where you spend your money, what products you like to buy, your places of interests, what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be doing it, what you like to watch, etc, etc.

  1. Ichan says:

    Well done Microsoft!
    I wuv joo

  2. Stu says:

    Let’s not get carried away here about Opera. I have no problem with Opera, it’s a fine browser. IE 9 will far surpass Opera in market share though, so let’s not kid ourselves about that. Especially when more consumers and businesses start navigating away from outdated Windows to current versions (which is inevitable.)

  3. linuxchallenger says:

    I still prefer IE8 and Firefox 3.6.10, and am using these on a Windows 7 system.
    The reason is that I prefer my search function to be separate from my address bar. I also found that IE9 was buggy when trying to use the integrated address/search bar to search.
    I like the use of screen real estate. Not sure that I found a great speed gain using IE9 over IE8. In any case, speed is not that great an issue for me, as most browsers are pretty quick these days, and a few milliseconds here and there will not make that much of a difference.
    I just wish Microsoft would keep the improvements in IE9 like pinned sites, GPU acceleration and HTML5 support but not have one bar for search and the web site address.