September, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Share Up; Internet Explorer – Down

By | October 4, 2010

September, 2010 - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Share Up; Internet Explorer - Down

October, commonly associated with autumn. Was it any good for web browsers? What about IE9? Let’s find out!

Internet Explorer 9 release made no significant difference, as IE market share fell from 60.40% to 59.65% (0.75 point decrease).

Firefox continues to slowly increase its market share, up from 22.93% to 22.96% (0.03 point increase), if lucky enough, it should reach June, 2010 level shortly.

What’s up with Google Chrome? Up, from 7.52% to 7.98% (0.46 point increase). Any bets on 10% market share by the end of this year?

Safari is leaping ahead as well, its market share rose from 5.16% to 5.27% (0.11 point increase). Not bad at all.

With the approaching 10.70 release, Opera managed to grab 0.02 point of the market share as well, going up from 2.37% to 2.39%.

So here you have it, leafs are falling while most browsers market share is rising.

Thanks to HitsLink for the graph.

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  1. Ichan says:

    Opera gained some share?

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    I would be happy if Opera grows above 3%, I like Opera browser a lot.
    IE might increase after IE9 RC/ RTM.

    • I would be happy if Opera would stabilize above 2.5%. But its rather unlikely. Unless this “Up North Web” project changes something.
      Chrome is growing like crazy, but it won’t get 10% by the end of the year. Maybe 9%.

      • Crackerflack says:

        Opera is growing as well. And Opera’s real global market share is indeed more than 2.5% (if you look at the number of Opera users compared to the actual number of desktop users online).

  3. ajd says:

    Yay Opera!

  4. nvm says:

    Good to see Chrome owning the other browsers as usual.

  5. max1c says:

    I hate how they use those colors there. That must be changed Blue stay with EI orange for Firefox Red for Opera cyan for Safari and yellow for other. Is that so hard to do ? -_-

  6. Donal says:

    The year on year number are the most interesting. FF has lost nearly 10% of users in the last year while Chrome has nearly doubled. When it comes to talking about gaining or losing market share, what you had before is very important.

  7. FMA says:

    Thanks for this information. I’m a web designer and I currently only test in IE, Safari and FireFox. I didn’t realise that Google Chrome had become so popular.