Weekly Browsers Recap, August 9th

By | August 9, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, August 9th


July, 2010 – Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari Share Up; Firefox, Chrome – Down
As we enter August, it is time to yet again, check the latest market share numbers.

U.K. Government Refuses to Ditch IE6
Back in February, 2010, the online petition was filled urging British government to dump a 9 year old web browser.

IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100
In what appears to be the final platform preview of Internet Explorer 9, IE Team has highlighted a bunch of improvements…

Firefox Tab Candy for Google Chrome
TabSense is a Firefox Tab Candy inspired extension that allows you to group your tabs into separate categories.

Firefox Heat Map: One Third of the Elements are Dead
Mozilla Labs has released a Firefox heat map which provides a great insight, revealing more information about daily browser functions usage.

BlackBerry 6 Web Browser
In the official BlackBerry Blog, team has demonstrated some of the features that are coming to a WebKit powered, BlackBerry 6 web browser.


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