Firefox Heat Map: One Third of the Elements are Dead

By | August 5, 2010

Firefox Heat Map: Half of the Buttons are Dead

Mozilla Labs has released a Firefox heat map which provides a great insight, revealing more information about daily browser functions usage.

Obviously, the most popular elements are: location bar, back and reload buttons, scroll vertical bar as well as search bar.

10 most popular:
95.6% – Location Bar
93.1% – Back
89.0% – Scroll Vertical Bar
73.2% – Reload
67.9% – Search Bar
58.4% – Bookmarks Bar Item
54.1% – Forward
42.8% – Scroll Horizontal Bar
39.2% – Stop
37.6% – Home

10 least popular:
1.5% – History Button
1.4% – Site Identity (EV)
0.9% – Scroll Horizontal Right
0.8% – Print Button
0.4% – New Window Button
0.4% – Fullscreen Button
0.1% – Copy Button
0.1% – Unified Back Fwd
0.1% – Paste Button
0.0% – Cut Button

Want more details? Visit the official heat map page.


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  1. Anomaly says:

    Strange that the scroll functions rank so high. Doesn’t anybody use a mouse with a scroll wheel?  I do and never touch the scroll buttons on the scroll bar. Same for the forward and back buttons, I use mouse buttons for that. I  also use mouse gestures for home and reload and many other functions. Between the mouse buttons and mouse gestures I almost never touch the UI of any browser. Can’t imagine using a browser any other way.

    • Indeed, I personally use address bar only.

      New tab/back/forward/close tab – mouse

      Zoom – CTRL + mouse wheel

      F5 for reload, etc.

    • Toenailsin says:

      i use the scrollbar because it allows you to have much greater precision about where you are on the page

      • WOFall says:

        Opera has an option that lets you drag the page around like a pdf document. I have this enabled by default.
        You’ll have to disable it to select text, so you’ll probably want to set up a shortcut to disable it.

        • ay says:

          You could press ctrl+alt and then drag the page. Then you do not have to worry about a button to enable/disable selection/dragging.

    • Ichann says:

      I only use the scroll bar if I need to focus on a precise section if the program decides it wants to scroll a little too much for me.

      For tabs I generally use gestures (sometimes the button) but hardly the ctrl +t shortcut.
      Back and forward are primarily buttons (gestures are a sometimes thing here)
      closing a tab are split 72 to 25% for gestures and buttons.
      since the new zoom bar in Opera I actually prefer that over ctrl mouse wheel
      Reload is always and has been the button

  2. alpesh hindocha says:

    Don’t know if i missed something!
    But what about “New Tab Bar” & “Close Tab” Button?
    Does this map count that or no body uses mouse for these functions?

  3. ay says:

    For an almost power user on Opera:95.6% – Location Bar (You could tun off the location bar and – F2/Shift+F2 to enter address/nickname, Ctrl+F8 to view URL )
    93.1% – Back Mouse Gesture
    89.0% – Scroll Vertical Bar Scroll button on mouse
    73.2% – Reload Mouse Gesture
    67.9% – Search Bar Use Address bar
    58.4% – Bookmarks Bar Item (I don’t really use bookmarks any longer! Speedial)
    54.1% – Forward Mouse Gesture
    42.8% – Scroll Horizontal Bar (I dont really see a lot of pages that need Horizontal scroll)
    39.2% – Stop Mouse Gesture
    37.6% – Home (on a blank page – double click , but speeddial is my homepage Ctrl+T)