IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100

By | August 5, 2010

IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100In what appears to be the final platform preview of Internet Explorer 9, IE Team has highlighted a bunch of improvements that were made during the course of its development.

In the previous versions, JavaScript engine (codename: Chakra) was working as a separate component. Starting from IE9 Platform Preview 4, it is now integrated into IE core itself boosting overall JS performance.

IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100

How much this and other JavaScript engine improvements increased IE9 performance in benchmarks? It is now slightly faster than Apple Safari 5 web browser, at least in SunSpider.

IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100

In addition, Internet Explorer now scores a whopping 95/100 in the Acid3 web standards test. For even more details, check the following post.

IE9 Platform Preview 4 Beats Safari 5, Acid3 95/100

It just doesn’t feel like IE anymore, does it?


Thanks to RamaSubbu SK for the news tip.


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  1. Daniel Hendrycks says:

    Hi, here are some things I noticed:

    Sputnik- IE9 had 100 errors (no typo), little room for improvement; great job

    HTML5Test- IE9 has to improve dramatically, I cannot emphasize this enough

    Peacekeeper- IE9 is slow

    Acid3 and SunSpider- IE9 has little room for improvement; great job

    General Site Compatability (with little to no coding errors)- Slightly better than mediocre, many well coded sites are broken

    Dromaeo- IE did not finish

    Charka- RAM hog

  2. netthunder says:

    Great work!
    A couple of points that you’ve probably heard before but- what the heck:
    * it would be great if the work your doing now was paired with an aggressive drive to get people to upgrade.  Could this update be made automatic by default unless the user opts out?  In general I’m against this kind of thing, but the world is waiting for this browser to become The IE.  Until that happens, your work is pretty useless and we might as well force IE9 and IE8 to run as IE7.  That way we have to write crap code once, not crap code (for IE7) + kinda crap (for IE8) + nice (for IE9).
    You guys and gals are doing a great job- I hope you get the support to get your work onto as many PCs as possible as quickly as possible.  Please don’t make us wait until 2015 to really use any of the cool stuff you’ve put together!
    * Could we see more frequent releases which would incorporate bug fixes, performance tweaks and minor functionality?  For example, if I knew that IE9.1 would support CSS gradients then I’d be ok with leaving a solid color background for a few months… These updates could be transparent to the user maybe?  This would maybe reduce the disappointment felt by those whose favourite features didn’t make it into IE9- because IE10 will be a looong way away.

  3. netthunder says:

    New Kick ass UI please..Final Nail in the Coffin!! :D

  4. way2go says:

    Really great work! I’m definitely rooting for IE9!!
    Just hoping this sort of growth keeps happening even after IE9 goes stable. As someone else mentioned, if we knew 9.1 will be released with bugfixes & feature updates that IE9 missed, there will be much less anxiety involved ;)
    Sincerely hope you don’t make us wait 2 years for IE10 with no releases in between!

  5. garath says:

    Fantastic work.
    As others have also mention. Complete HTML5 form support would be awesome.

  6. deaa says:

    Great work,
    i am proud of the IE team,
    HTML5 forms would be a nice innovation

  7. RamaSubbu SK says:

    “It just doesn’t feel like IE anymore, does it?”
      Yes, I totally agree. This is new IE & new Microsoft.

    IE 9 has come long way from IE 8. IE 9 has lot of improvements for a single release.

    Thanks to IE team and all other browsers which forced IE to be like this.

  8. jarncrig says:

    Congrats IE team!  Excellent work!
    Just wish Hamster Dance Revolution plays as well in all browsers!

  9. Andylee says:

    aaaah… Firefox totally being the slowest browser out there in a few months?
    Come on… that’s hillarious! People around me still praise Firefox for speed… What the heck?

  10. Ichann says:

    I’ve tried this yesterday.
    So far I am impressed.
    I will be proud to have IE from now on in this system.

  11. Really amazing and impressive indeed. I just cannot wait for it. And of course the biggest problem would be to update. I hope their are planning some very very very advertising and kind of a critical update or something.