July, 2010 – Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari Share Up; Firefox, Chrome – Down

By | August 3, 2010

July, 2010 - Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari Share Up; Firefox, Chrome - Down

As we enter August, it is time to yet again, check the latest market share numbers.

Internet Explorer market share went up from 60.32% to 60.74% (0.42 point increase), reaching March, 2010 level.

For the third month in a row, Firefox continues losing its market share, falling from 23.81% to 22.91% (0.90 point decrease).

Probably for the very first time, Google Chrome also lost a tiny bit of their market share, down from 7.24% to 7.16% (0.08 point decrease).

With the recent Safari 5 release and growing iPad/iPhone popularity, Safari’s market share went up from 4.85% to 5.09% (0.24 point increase), surpassing 5% mark.

Opera web browser has also increased its market share, going up from 2.27% to 2.45% (0.18 point increase), reaching May, 2010 level.

Unfortunately, Opera Mini data is no longer available for free users at HitsLink.


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  1. amgadelsaiegh says:

    first time to see chrome charts drops down !

    • Andylee says:

      Opera market share without Opera mini is a joke, sorry.
      Opera mini is already responsible for 1% of all hits on the web (I saw a chart on this several months ago).

      • Daniel Hendrycks says:

        They count the two separately, also note, Hitslink has been known to better count US users. Beside, your post is irrelevant to what amgadelsaiegh said.

      • asfa says:

        Opera Mini % and Opera % is not same, Opera have: 2,45% and Opera Mini other diferent %

        • nobody says:

          fail is their marketshare
          opera desktop is stagnant, nothing else, but stagnant
          soon enough opera mini will overtake desktop
          and what the hell is with opera mobile? is it dead already?

          • Crackerflack says:

            Opera desktop is growing. From 46 million uses to 50+ million users in a few weeks a few months ago.
            Also, funny how you ignore Net Applications now that it shows that Opera is groing, and Chrome and Firefox are stagnating or going down.
            Of course, Net Applications is crap anyway.

          • nobody says:

            opera desktop user base IS growing, just like entire internet population is growing
            opera desktop MARKET SHARE is stagnant, around 2% for more or less 10 years
            and before anyone tell me about how enormously rich google/apple is, i’d like to remind you that opera has HUGE cash reserves and is not using them. nor they are listening to few repeatedly stated opera wishes: extensions, proper developer tools, form auto fill (and some website compatibility). these 3 (or 4) issues are stopping more people using opera than one might think.
            i for one will not use opera again until i can achieve same level functionality as adblockPlus (destroying thousands of tracking sites/adservers). opera contentblocker is a sad joke compared to this. sadly, i cannot extend it in any way

          • nvm says:

            So… Opera is growing, and yet it is stagnant. What an amazingly moronic contradiction. Wouldn’t expect anything other than that from Nobbie.
            Never mind the fact that browser stats are completely unreliable.
            Nobbie is also whining about extensions and such, but it’s funny how Chrome grew even before it got extensions. Funny indeed. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Google’s deep pockets.
            As for Opera’s “huge cash reserves”, they aren’t actually huge, and anyone who is not a complete idiot knows that it’s a good idea to have some cash ready in case it’s needed. And Opera would never be able to outspend Google anyway.
            I’m glad you aren’t using Opera. Please tell me you are not using Chrome. If you are, I might just switch to something else, because I don’t want to be caught using the same browser as you.

          • Daniel Hendrycks says:

            “soon enough opera mini will overtake desktop”
            Of course it will, the future of the Web will be used through phones more than desktops.

          • nvm says:

            Actually, Opera Mini has already overtaken desktop. Desktop has 55 million users or so, while Mini has 60+.

          • pjn123 says:

            Think Opera should just make it easier for people like you to use it.
            All of the stuff  you mentioned is already in Opera
            – Form autofill (see that little pencil in next to the nav buttons)
            – Adblock (http://www.fanboy.co.nz/adblock/)
            – As for web compatibility these days I almost never find a website that doesnt work and if I does it doesn’t work on ff or chrome so its the stupid Ie developers fault.
            – Developer tools… see dragonfly
            Sadly I think they must just use more advertising since people don’t always know about it and as a user I really don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use it since its better in every way.

          • nobody says:

            and this is exactly why opera will never be truly successful. you want me to settle for half-assed solutions instead of full, rich functionality of what other browsers offer? well, im not willing to take such step.
            if my jaguar breaks, it is highly unlikely that ill settle for clio or megane. even if clio owners will tell me, that it has ALMOST the same amount of space inside, same speed on a highway, ALMOST the same build quality (what a bull..) and its AC works the same (no, it doesnt). cars cost money, and that might force many people into certain decisions, i know that.
            same with opera:
            – you want me to replace auto-fill for ANY form that i visited, with something that is basically a password manager? no, thank you.  it is a HUGE step backwards
            – you want me to replace fast, efficient strongly supported adblockplus+betterprivacy with something that is basically hosts.etc file? no, thank you. if you are willing to sacrifice, go ahead. i know what quality is.
            – you want me to use something that is a pure crap instead of industry standard firebug? you know how many pages of text describe ways in which dragonfly sux compared to firebug, visual studio or webkit tools? lots of them. opera does not develop dragonfly as fast as it should, they only talk. meanwhile it took webkit 3 years to get to firebug levels – from ZERO.
            opera is superior? in what way? please, do tell me. all browsers are now hot on tab grouping, what opera offers? half-assed bandaid sollution – “OPEN MORE WINDOWS!” yeah, right. it is a poor’s man browser, that is fast, but neglects EVERYTHING else.

  2. vvaa says:

    I Think people predict this chart in reverce way !!!!!!!

    this is exactly the oposite of the usual results.

  3. imageshark says:

    Nice results. I like how FF falling. I hope they now understand their users and they make some really big change in the program, really soon, in this year. FF4 can’t solve it. Safari rocks with Apple’s mobile devices. IE is annoying. I want desktop Opera on more PC, becuse it’s much better than their “marketshare”. Chrome (Google) looks like take a brake in offline advertising of their stuff (or it’s already not fancy???).

  4. Ichann says:

    Opera this and Opera that.
    You know, I bet we can create a meme for this.