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Weekly Browsers Recap, December 28th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, December 28th

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Web Browsers Singing

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We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and awesome New Year :-)

Also, we will be moving site to a new server (thanks to (so it can take 24-48 hours for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to catch new IPs).

In case you don’t see any new posts within a week, please try to clear your DNS Cache.

To Clear/flush DNS cache in Microsoft Windows. Continue Reading

Benchmark: Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) vs. Firefox 3.7, 3.6, 3.5 vs. Chrome 4, 3, 2 vs. Opera 10.5, 10.1 vs. Safari 4

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Yet again, it’s time to test latest web browser releases, including Opera 10.50.

Tested browsers:
Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 3.5.6
Firefox 3.6 Beta 5
Firefox 3.7 Pre-Alpha 1 Continue Reading

Weekly Browsers Recap, December 21st

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Weekly Browsers Recap, December 21st

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Google – Desperate or Smart?

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Google - Desparate or Smart?

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EU Won’t Fine Microsoft Over Browser Ballot Case

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EU Won't Fine Microsoft Over Browser Ballot CaseMicrosoft and European Commission have finally reached an agreement, in which browsers will be randomly listed in ballot screen (up to 12 browsers total)

Although EU have not fined Microsoft this time, if they fail to stick with an agreement for the next 5 years, Microsoft will have to pay up to 10% of yearly global turnover.

“This is a victory for the future of the Web. This decision is also a celebration of open Web standards, as these shared guidelines are the necessary ingredients for innovation on the Web,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software.

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Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome and Google Chrome BetaHere comes two new versions of Google Chrome web browser: Final and Beta. Mainly, focusing on stability improvements as well as bug fixing.

Google Chrome Changelog

* [r31694] Fixes a crash while typing in the omnibox (issue 20511).
* [r32474] Fixes a crash while playing mp4 videos with odd sizes, such as 1366×768 (issue 27675).

Google Chrome Beta Changelog

* Initial implementation of the HTML5 sandbox attribute for iframes [WebKit@51577] Continue Reading

Google Chrome Explained (Video)

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Not really, but still worth to watch.


Weekly Browsers Recap, December 14th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, December 14th

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Google Chrome Extensions Goes Live

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With the release of Chrome for Mac, Google has also announced the launch of Chrome extensions (available for Windows and Linux, Mac – coming soon).

One great thing about Chrome extensions is: no annoying restarts after installation. On the downside, as of today, there are only about 300 add-ons available.

Browse extensions.