Silverlight 4, the Best Just Got Better

By | March 15, 2010 | 7 Comments

Silverlight 4, the Best Just Got BetterIn today’s MIX10 conference, Microsoft has shared some details about the upcoming Silverlight 4 release. As final version is scheduled for the next month release, company is already cooking first RC build.

Key points:

  • Hardware-accelerated video with multicodec digital rights management (DRM) and Internet Information Services Smooth Streaming support
  • Vector and bitmap graphics with perspective 3-D
  • Multitouch support with Accelerometer, an intuitive control that responds to motion
  • Deep Zoom support for rich reading experiences
  • Camera and microphone support
  • Notification Service for pushing information to the phone, regardless of whether or not an application is running
  • Integration with the core Windows Phone 7 Series experience features such as hubs

In addition, Silverlight 4 will support Google Chrome web browser.


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  1. Morbus says:

    I was never a fan of Silverlight, just as I was never a fan of Flash, but what exactly makes it “the best”? I mean, surely it’s “the best” in comparison to Flash, but why?

  2. nobody says:

    and no opera support.. as if anyone thought otherwise

    as for the question why it is the best?

    well, if it wasnt for silverlight flash would stagnate and not innovate for years. it was silverlight that first had HW acceleration and all the other bonuses.

    and because MS from time to time does great things (like vs 2005/vs 2008 etc) this time they made it good too. from developer’ standpoint it is one of the nicest thing to create in.

    and it is all for free

    • Crackerflack says:

      Someone needs to get a life instead of obsessing over Opera 24/7. Why obsess over something you don’t even use? Rather pathetic.

    • Rafael says:

      I don’t need of this pathetic copy of the pathetic Flash right now so I still using Opera.

      • nobody says:

        kids shouldnt be allowed to judge technologies they do not understand and cannot grasp their value and use.

        pathetic.. do you call everything you cannot comprehend pathetic? it must be a long list.

    • Crackerflack says:

      LOL, nobody is at it again, after being schooled just the other day by an actual developer after his “other browsers will slow down over time” when people pointed out how slow Firefox is.

      Talk about being made a fool of in front of everyone.

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