The Difference Between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

By | March 15, 2010

What’s the difference between all those browsers? Take a look at CollegeHumor interpretation:

The Difference Between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

The Difference Between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

The Difference Between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

The Difference Between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for link.


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  1. Their claim about Firefox is very odd and wrong. You don’t have to install any addons and they usually add tons of useful functionality. If you think an addon makes the browser unusable, don’t install that addon.

    • Morbus says:

      Besides, Firefox with addons, as long as you don’t install 50 of them in a row, is as usable as without them. Only with about 20 to 30 more MB or RAM consumed, which is a problem, but it will still beat Opera on sessions with more than 20 open tabs.

    • Johannes says:

      get a portion humor… :-)

    • Angela says:

      oh and i meant to say that to Morbus

    • Bearbear9859 says:

      Ya i dont think so. I mean, it works pretty well but every website I went on, I had to download some random ADOBE® flashplayer thing….

  2. WolvenSpectre says:

    This just proves to me that they know almost nothing about ALL of the browsers.

    I have one for them:


    College Humour is what you get when you pay clever animators, show sexy girls, and let a bunch of gross clowns tell toilet jokes and reenact old jokes about Internet Memes that half the time someone else came up with them.

    Basicly it is National Lampoon and Mad Magazine only not funny and the pictures move.

    • tareqf1 says:

      I am very disappointed to see this cartoon here.
      look at the points they made for each browser.
      Firefox is useless with addons!!!?? addons are the life of Firefox. addons are what makes FF popular. chrome has addons too.

      I think those guys never used any browser.

      FavBrowser – this is not the kind of post we appreciate here.

  3. Aleksander says:

    Keep a eye out on Choose Opera regarding this story :)

  4. Rafael says:

    Is that an old art? Actually the Opera car should have a “turbo” / “rocket” as Chrome does.
    About the post: I think it’s funny, somewhat ironical and illogical, but funny.

  5. Rudradeep says:

    i guess the cartoon is old one ! … new opera is too fast to beat others !

  6. IceArdor says:

    So start the fanboy comments. I shall keep mine to myself.

  7. Arup says:

    Obviously made by a Chrome fanboy, Opera is a ugly subcompact LOL! Opera is Brabus G Wagen, does it all and with speed, Chrome is the school boy ricer, all huff and puff and then fizzles out. FF is Yugo, cheap and doesn’t go that far.

    • Nancy says:

      Opera is an old guys car, so it probably isn’t a hybrid at all.

    • Chris says:

      “Chrome is the school boy ricer, all huff and puff and then fizzles out”

      Your logic is laughable, but then again, so is the OP’s.

      When it all boils down, Browsers are tools. And tools are not only opinionated, but serve different purposes to varying effective degrees.

  8. ithemes says:

    i like firefox.

  9. Richard0623 says:

    Internet Explorer is a waste of space

  10. Rhodnius says:

    A smart compact car is better than bike (I know than not always). The creator of the cartoon has a missconception. If the idea was to show, for example, fastness, he fail!!!. Durability, fail again.

    Etc etc etc

  11. Howar31 says:

    Hahahaha!! LOL
    This is terse and vigorous!!
    Like it!~~ roflmao

  12. Will says:

    I think it’s funny. Firefox is cool (I use it) but it does get frustrating when few the addons that I have need to be updated and it always turns out that one of the updates throws the whole browser off, and you have to remove that addon. Chrome and Opera are both sweet, never had any problems, besides compatability issues with older versions of Chrome.

    • Really? I’ve used Firefox for three years with 60+ addons and have never had any major problems (not even minor ones, actually). Perhaps you are using some really badly written addons?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you say you’ve run FF for 3 years without problems, you’re lying. Poorly written addons or not, eventually there are compatibility problems between addons if you’re using more than one of them.

        Personally I use Chrome because Firefox is so damn slow, but I’ve never tried Opera.

  13. Willard says:

    Google Chrome Look good and speed is super good!you can return to you homepage,Tools,Move Tabs easiest,and you can pull it out of his own window!So why not Google Chrome?

  14. Willard says:

    Google Chrome has:Super Speed,Unistall,no blocked websites,
    and it is:Safe,Dosn’t crash when a tab crashs and it wins all of my browsers tests

  15. What makes you say that?

  16. And who is Romy? o_o

  17. arestes says:

    hey! isn’t anybody going to stand up by IE??

    • savannah says:

      I don’t get why everyone bashes internet exlporer. It works great if you don’t have a shitty computer.

      • It’s not about how it runs (IE8 and below IS slower than all other current browsers, still), but more about that it doesn’t follow standards. That’s why people bash it. IE9 finally looks like a decent browser, though.

  18. Kamran says:

    :D..Firefox rocks! when it comes to customizations, developers love it, Chrome is a second best option!

  19. hirokuma says:

    Chrome  a person with a rocket!!! :)

  20. omen says:

    i have used all of them internet explorer is a heep of shit, firefox is always wanting updates on the addons, safari isnt all that bad, opera just looks totaly ugley n google crome is ok when its not crashing, so i would say safari is better but i still use chrome cos its the faster

    • Kamata says:

      Yes, As my concern Safari is one of the good browser, because whenever i am going to connect a website every time i have to write the web address. But incase of safari we can keep all these address using bookmark bar and whenever your going to visit same web site time to time it is very clearly visible and you can click on it. As compared to google chrome, and IE , I like very convenient for new and old user.

  21. sat says:

    i’m with IE8. Its faster and convenient to use then any other browsew.

  22. elwoode says:

    I am trying Chrome out, very irritating so far. It is trying to be clever but its not. It keeps giving me pages in Dutch.  this is because it knows I am in Holland. I am not Dutch however and no matter what I do it still goes back to  givng me pages of Dutch.

  23. is it your bidness says:

    i have them all internet explorer suks its old and slow mozilla is kool google chrome is fun opera u can have all the tabs u want ive tryd but safari u cant have tabs so

  24. boy says:

    okay to me people this is useless cause each browser has ther faults and no browser is best all have a weakpoint

  25. khadiga says:


  26. BK Mitra says:

    Chrome is of course good and fast.But for beginners Internet Explorer is good.

  27. danny says:

    just get you self a desent computer or laptop loads of ram then ya good for any browser i never have issues with any but preferer firfox that just persnal option as i use this in windows mandriva unbuntu operting systems

  28. Hammod says:

    LOL, Great laugh and LOL at all the pissed off people who cant have a laugh

  29. Willow says:

    any ‘possitive’ thoughts on Safari? nobody’s mentioned this in comments being made. we had to change from IE. had a bad virus and those that fixed our computer used Safari… hope it works well for us. thoughts?

  30. StupidNiggers says:

    FF is the best of all, in my opinion, I use it. But the guy who made this is a nigger(black guy) whos parents are arab(mom)/muslim(dad) from africa(Nigeria) a Chrome fanboy. People who like IE dont know if there are other options or started off using it but IE is fairly decent but dont watch nasty videos with IE. Opera is fast but just the way it is, is shit. Safari reminds me of jungle people in South America, people who use this are brown Venezualians, Chileans , Brazilians or Argentinians (The Browns). These people are 3rd world monkeys(Niggers & Browns) they feed off Tiger dicks and drink soup from their moms bushy pussy.

    • Chris says:

      That is unnecessary and vulgar.

      I hope you’re not a web designer or developer for I would not be proud to know you exist in our industry.

  31. Pramodhrachuri says:

    what is given is correct
    mainly about firefox & google chrome

  32. Dfjfj says:


  33. Breza_juanita says:

    Opera is definitely ugly. And I have to say, I think the newer versions of IE aren’t as bad as IE6, which I hated (my version is IE9). Safari is utter shite, and sooooo slooooooow. Their description of Chrome is pretty accurate, plus there’s the downside that Chrome doesn’t like Shockwave at all. Firefox seems relatively benign so far – not fantastic, but then, I haven’t used it enough to tell, so…

  34. None says:

    That real funny. Chrome is the best web browser. IE is worst & slowest web browser.