Weekly Browsers Recap, October 18th

By | October 18, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, October 18th


All the Way to Internet Explorer 13
It seems like Microsoft decided to increase its domain names portfolio, as company…

New Firefox Trojan Spotted
It looks like a new Firefox Trojan is in the wild and none of the antivirus programs can…

Mozilla’s New CEO is Gary Kovacs
Back in May, 2010, John Lilly has announced about his decision to resign as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation.

Mozilla’s Army of Awesome
In a plausible effort to strengthen Firefox community support, Mozilla has launched a new web site…

Firefox Has Encountered a Popup
A Picture.

Why Stop at 8? Google Chrome 9 Details Are Here
What happens when you start pushing new browser milestones every month

Hello, Google Chrome 8
Although Google Chrome 8 is still in early stages of development, it appears…

Download Opera 10.63
Today, Opera Software has released a new version of Opera browser that is…

The Video Demo of Opera 11 Alpha
Here is a sneak peak of what is coming from Opera Software.

Watch Opera’s Up North Web Event Webcast
If you have missed today’s Up North Web event, here is your chance to see its webcast right now.

Opera 11 with Extensions
The world is coming to an end, as Opera Software has just announced its plans to bring extensions,,,

The Wow Factor: Opera in Numbers
Today was a big day for Opera Software, as company held its Up North Web event.

Opera Mobile for Android
Android users rejoice, as Opera has just announced the upcoming release of Opera Mobile…

Fake: New and Different Mac OS X Web Browser
Now here is an interesting spin on a regular web browser. Basically, it’s a programmable web…


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