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By | October 12, 2010 | 13 Comments

Opera 10.63 ReleasedToday, Opera Software has released a new version of Opera browser that is 10.63.

In addition to user interface, scripting and miscellaneous bug fixes, this release also includes 5 security related patches. Therefore, it’s a recommended update for every Opera 10.6x user.

Changelog: 10.63

Download Link: Opera 10.63

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  • narzędzia pneumatyczne

    you mean 10.63 not 10.62

  • Vygantas Lipskas

    Indeed, fixed!

  • daddylo

    Nice :).

  • Mark

    The best browser got (incrementally) better.
    I sense a BIG feature drop for Opera 11 very soon (2 days perhaps, October 14th)….

    • Andylee

      october 14th is NOT going to bring opera 11! there are no beta builds, no RC… and therefore no opera 11!

      • asfa

        Maybe he say a pre-alpha or alpha version of Opera 11

        • narzędzia pneumatyczne

          Non of them either, opera 11 pre-alpha will rather arrive at 24th od December, or new year (as it was with pervious versions).

  • tempgal

    Tried hard to like Opera but it’s just not for me. Reverted to IE same day.

    I did a review and presentation for the very first version of Opera, sometime in the early or mid 1990s. Liked it then but didn’t stick with it. Now I’ve tried it again, this time version 10.63. There must be something good there or it wouldn’t have so many fans, but I just cannot find ANYTHING and neither Help nor google searches are making it possible.

    First I couldn’t find how to find within a page. Via google search, found three different methods, none of which worked. (You have to be able to find the search area before you can try the methods.) Finally tried not using the period or slash and that worked.

    Now I’m trying to import my Favorites from IE and having no luck. Worst of all, I allowed Opera to become the default browser when I installed. After that, whenever I click on the IE icon or the IE QuickLaunch, Opera starts. Took some fooling around to find the IE executable file which then worked, after which I immediately made IE the default browser again.

    There are several references to Menu, but I can find no menu. Tried the red “O” at the top left but that didn’t not lead me to what was supposed to be on the menu. Cannot find anything like Tools or Options.

    I give up. Changing browsers just shouldn’t be that difficult.

    • Grrblt

      You cannot find anything like Tools or Options? Then what do you call the Settings->Preferences?

      Ctrl+F has been the quick command for Find for 20 years. If you are novice enough at computers to not know that, then you should probably stick with IE. Or not use a browser at all, it could be dangerous for you.

      • tempgal

        Forgot to thank you for your helpful comment.

        Are you over 13?

        • max1c

          Good troll is good troll.

  • tempgal

    I have neither Settings nor Preferences visible.

    • Grrblt

      Unless you have tampered with your installation, yes you do. You can also use ctrl+f12.