Why Stop at 8? Google Chrome 9 Details Are Here

By | October 13, 2010

Why Stop at 8? Google Chrome 9 Details Are HereWhat happens when you start pushing new browser milestones every month or so? Apparently, features get pushed back as well.

According to cNET, Google has cut off a bunch of features that were originally planned for Google Chrome 8 and is now making its way to Chrome 9.

What was axed?
Hardware acceleration
Hardware based video decoding
Large layers support
Opacity fixes
Canvas issues fix for 2D graphics
CSS reflections, drop shadows and masks support

However, as new Google Chrome branches are usually released every 6 weeks, it’s not a big delay after all.

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  1. Paulius says:


  2. Grrblt says:

    I think they might be aiming for version googol.

  3. everybody says:

    B-but I thought that Chrome will get hardware acceleration for its sweet sixteen.

  4. daddylo says:

    And people think google is the oldest browser.

  5. filip007 says:

    Yes we all wanted 3D ads in browser for a long time, what’s the rush…web pages are not games so?

  6. Amit Bhatta says:

    But still it lacks the Aero Peek and most importantly the Browser Exit Confirmation Option.