Mozilla’s Army of Awesome

By | October 13, 2010

Mozilla's Army of Awesome

In a plausible effort to strengthen Firefox community support, Mozilla has launched a new web site, called “Army of Awesome”.

Now, before you start packing your bags, here’s how it works:
– Mozilla tracks and displays all #Firefox mentions at Twitter
– In case of a browser issue, recruits may use their Twitter account and help those people out

Fair enough. However, while it sounds good on paper, there is one problem: it displays all the mentions, not highlighting tweets that may require your attention. To put it another way: a mess.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, head over to Army of Awesome page and see it for yourself.

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  1. everybody says:

    I think better idea would be to create “Army of Awesome Trolls” page tracking all #chrome, #opera, #ie etc. mentions. Then users would just have to send this reply:
    “Want to be freakin’ awesome? Then use freakin’ Firefox!!!11”
    That would easily make freakin’ Firefox a TT.

    • Ichann says:

      Wow. How long did it take you to come  out with that one?
      We placng a little troll bait, are we?
      Firefox has been going down hill. The market share are loyal idiots that are too afraid to try something else because of the fear their precious ‘extensions’ won’t work.

  2. nvm says:

    Wow, that’s pretty pathetic. Mozilla is getting desperate.

  3. Rafael says:

    Sometimes I do that! For Opera of course.
    I search for “opera” or “orkut opera” (popular social network site in Brazil – a Google shit) and help people with their problems…