Weekly Browsers Recap, December 27th

By | December 27, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, December 27th


Internet Explorer is the Best Browser
A picture.

Now Open This With…
A picture.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 8
Just in time for holidays.

Firefox to Include “Do Not Track” Feature
Follows Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome Users Collect 1 Million Dollars
About a week ago, Google has started a unique charity project that converts opened…

Download Adblock Plus for Google Chrome
This is it.

Google Chrome 10, Now With HTML5 Games
First person shooters are next.

Google Responds to NSS Labs Browser Security Research Report
With the recent release of NSS Labs Security Research Report, Google has…

Automate Opera Browser
Get OperaWatir.

Opera Responds to NSS Labs Browser Security Research Report
Thomas Ford, the PR Manager of Opera Software has also raised some concerns…

Firefox is the Best, Opera… No, Chrome Rocks, IE, Safari…
Happy Holidays.

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