Google Chrome 10, Now With HTML5 Games

By | December 21, 2010

Google Chrome 10, Now With HTML5 Games

First person shooters are next.

If you are using the Dev Channel builds of Google Chrome 10, prepare for a nice surprise. According to Google OS blog post, it now comes with two HTML5 games pre-installed: Poppit and Entanglement.

As of today, it will install games without your permission. However, manual removal is possible.

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  1. Dels says:

    “First person shooters are next.”

    Jokes or real thing?

  2. mikah says:

    Picture is very misleading, think little kids games instead.

  3. Kratoos says:

    Well i found quite good game already on chrome browser, it’s called Fancy Balls, check it out at

  4. Ray says:

    Misleading article is misleading. Google Chrome 10 dev channel comes with two *bookmarks* to online games. That hardly qualifies as ‘preinstalled.’

    • Well, it said:

      Some users will probably be surprised to see two games they didn’t install, so Google should inform users that the games were automatically installed.

      That’s how Google calls them as well.

  5. Paulius says:

    Vygantas, you should write something about RockMelt browser. I’ve just got invite to the BETA and felt in love with that browser. It is based on chromium :)

  6. Guest says:

    what game is that?