Boom! Netscape Founder to Rejoin Browser Wars with RockMelt

By | August 14, 2009

Netscape Founder to Rejoin Browser Wars with RockMeltMarc Andreessen, founder of Netscape Communications has formed a startup called RockMelt which is supposed to develop a brand new web browser.

One interesting aspect is site’s privacy policy (now removed); it has suggested that users could use Facebook ID to log into RockMelt. Do they, or do they not develop a social web browser, remains unclear.

“There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch”, said Marc Andreessen.

Picture Source: ReadWriteWeb

What about marketing?

As Mr. Andreessen has also joined Board of Directors of Facebook, it’s quite obvious that Facebook will somehow be used to promote RockMelt. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting for more details.


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  1. Nice logo. :)
    But… RockMelt? Wtf is this name? I can’t understand that.

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    “A browser from scratch”… Ehe, you’re funny. Because if you’re choosing someone else’s engine, it’s not from scratch.

    In any case, another browser with a round icon. I like it :D

  3. This will be interesting.

  4. Rafael says:

    It will be interesting only if Gecko, Webkit or Trident won’t be used as layout engine.

    • nobody says:

      using completely NEW engine is a sure way of making no advanced page wrk with your browser. they are forced to stick to one of two – gecko or webkit, and due to popularity and available devtools (firebug) they probably are going to use gecko.

      opera’ engine is out because it is closed, same goes with ie’s trident. esp due to trident’s not so good past and reputation

      • Rafael says:

        Now you’ve explained that, I’m not interested anymore.
        Gecko rendering makes my eyes “shake” I can’t explain exactly why! None of “new” features being developed to that new browser worths abandoning Presto. =X

  5. Bryan says:

    I don’t really care whatever they want to do. I guess the browser market is just too profitable these days, and so everyone wants a piece of the action.

    Regarding the name and the logo… well I have to say it’s not impressive. It’s actually a bad name and a bad logo. The logo shows the world melting… and well the name pretty much means “melting world.”

    Who in a sane mind would want a name and logo like that for a browser company? Hahahahahaha Ran out of any other ideas I suppose.

    • Mol10 says:

      Based on the icon, they may have as well named it DoomsDay browser. Would be surely cooler, but not more encouraging. :)