Now Open This With… (Picture)

By | December 24, 2010 | 10 Comments

My head hurts.

Now Open This With... (Picture)

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  • zahek

    ?? :)

  • Glaucio

    How they do it? I save the picture in my computer and still work.

  • Edgaras

    It is Animated PNG, which is supported by Opera and Firefox, but IE, Safari, Chrome not.
    So IE/Safari/Chrome shows non-animated content, while Firefox and Opera shows animated.

  • Uowll

    No Opera :(.

    • mabdul

      it is working in opera!

    • Jote

      It works in Opera, well at least if I correctly understand what “works” mean. It “works” in a sense that it shows a different image than in IE, albeit neither of them is animated.

      • toenailsin

        if it shows a different image, then its working perfectly. don’t be confused by the ‘animated’ part.

  • Tiago Sá

    Firefox rules, once again :D

    • xchris

      DOES NOT work with FF 4 !

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