Weekly Browsers Recap, December 20th

By | December 20, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, December 20th


Free Xbox Slim
We are giving away Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console…

Internet Explorer 9 RC
Latest build is 9.0.8048.6000 (101209-2300).

Malware Block Rate: Internet Explorer – 99%, Opera – 0%
Or so it seems.

Q&A With Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker, the former CEO of Mozilla Corporation has…

Adblock Plus Coming to Google Chrome
It looks like Adblock Plus is coming to Google Chrome after all.

Opera: Disable New Mouse Gestures
Here is how you can enable old Opera mouse gestures behavior.

Download Opera 11 Final
Includes the fastest JavaScript engine on Earth.

Opera 11 Shipping Tomorrow
1 day after RC2.

Opera: 6.7 Million Downloads in 1 Day
It’s all about bacon.

HTML5 + WebGL: Body Browser
Now here is another neat HTML5 demo.

CSS Awesomeness
Here is a pretty neat web page for you to check out.


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  1. mabdul says:

    “Microsoft Boosts HTML5 Video for Firefox on Windows 7”

    the last try in my opinion to prevent WebM got market leader… I wonder that realtime(yes! they are still living!) doesn’t start a new attack.

    • nobody says:

      have you seen abybody who cares about webm?

      MPEG LA made some efforts to convince people that they will start charging for 264 not soon. for most decision makers it is all that matters – they can use 264 now, and ignore all other things

      webm without hardware support will never start up (without it it will suck batterys and suck in performance on mobiles). and i dont recall seeing tegra2 nor apple’s a9 supporting webm

      google will push webm – a little, small browser (opera) will use it because it cannot afford h264, but big players – ms/apple – will stick to 264 (because they CAN afford it – thus eliminating small browsers, and because 264 can be hw accelerated, this being very important for their mobile business). android does not have webm decoder at this point, one would expect google to include it..

      nobody cares about webm, some talk a lot, but it does not translate into action. without hw support – there could be no video codec nowadays

      there is also issue of patent infringements, and poor quality. who will settle for less if better is available (currently for free and with great authoring tools that webm lacks (and noone seems to be making))