Download Opera 11 Final

By | December 16, 2010

Download Opera 11 Final

Includes the fastest JavaScript engine on Earth.

Personally, I don’t understand Opera release strategy and never will, but here it is: Opera 11 Final.

The following version introduces a handful of new features, including:

– Tab stacking
– Safer address field
– Visual mouse gestures
– Extensions
– Mail panel

As well as performance improvements, various bug fixes and more.

According to Choose Opera, Opera 11 will be the last desktop product of this year, so grab it while it’s hot.


P.S. It’s the same build as RC3.

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  1. This is getting crazy, even is broken (loads mobile instead of desktop version).

    • everybody says:

      As you said – is broken and it’s completely digg’s fault. It works fine when you mask as Firefox! Opera can’t repair whole web.
      Care to share with other “showstoppers” that make this release “crazy”?

    • Ahmed Ghanem says:

      Digg’s fault not opera, mask opera as any other browser and it works like a charm, that’s what happens when you start sniffing!

    • Movoing says:

      Why are you blaming Opera for Digg’s browser sniffing?

      Once again you are bashing Opera, and once again it turns out that your bashing is a complete miss.

    • It was working fine few builds ago. Unless it’s a huge coincidence.

      • nvm says:

        You should learn to editorialize less, Vygantas. If you had tried 10.63, you would have noticed that it started failing there too, after working just a few days before.


  2. snafu50 says:

    just downloaded it!

  3. asfa says:

    Work perfect here, thanks Opera !

  4. MarkG says:

    What don’t you understand about Opera’s release strategy?

    Clearly Opera 11 is ready for mainstream. It adds considerable new functionality (extensions, tab stacking, mail improvements), it does not have any major regressions, and it’s faster and more reliable than it’s predecessor.

    If they waited til everything was perfect, you would never see a release. Chrome and Firefix are from from bug-free either.

    It was the right time to release Opera 11, it’s a great Xmas gift, and anyone that considers themselves to be “web savvy” should be using Opera. It’s as simple as that.

  5. okay-okey says:

    I’m ready for nobody to say Opera erased his/her birthday off the calendar and sent him/her off to bed without dinner.

    • nvm says:

      He just can’t stop trolling, because he can’t handle the fact that Chrome and Opera are beating the crap out of Firefox :)

  6. nobody says:

    oops they did it again..

    i wrote yesterday:

    “a) didnt crash their entire webpage on launch day (company can, you know, rent some more servers for these days.. just like freaking every other company in the universe)

    b) didnt have at least one major pain in the ass bug/crash/regression that made people rage

    c) wasnt followed soon after by a torrent of builds trying to fix this mess”

    so far we had:
    a) extensions page was dead for ages, opera desktop team was dead for more than an hour and their webpage is still available or not

    b) ‘crash on exit’ and ‘freeze on welcome page’ will surely be noted by the press. browser hanging on its welcome page is a new low for QA (Haavard should definately moderate forums less – what a dead-end, go nowhere job anyway – and do some testing more)

    add to that completely broken mouse gestures – broken during UI overhaul (pathetic software architecture there) and general ‘crash on random’. if anyone here from CJK countries, how are you enjoing opera 11?

    we are waiting for c) now :)

    on a serious note – no new user will use this browser after it freezes on the first start or crash on every exit.

    old users are used to it, they can rationalize it in a million ways. new uses want something better than other browsers offer. no matter what any fanboy says – no browser at this point is unstable in any meaning of this word. opera stands out.

    waiting for opera-paid cronies to take a sentence out of context and point me ‘other browsers crash, too’ :D

    • nvm says:

      The extensions page was down for a little while, apparently because the interest was so massive. The blog was never down.

      It doesn’t crash on exit for anyone I’ve seen, or on any welcome page.

      The gestures aren’t broken here, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

      Looks like you are just desperate to smear Opera because it beats the crap out of Firefox, LOL.

      You don’t have to wait for c. Firefox always does that because of all the security holes :D

      As always, nobbie makes a fool of himself. It’s quite sad to watch, LOL.

      • Well, in our company I’ve done three upgrades from 10.63 yesterday, and in all cases it hanged on welcome page, and I had to do force quit. Works ok after restart of course, but I admit that nobody is right on this one.

        • nvm says:

          I tried an upgrade from 10.63 just for the heck of it. No hang. I asked several other people, and no one else experienced anything like that.

  7. Pramod says:

    Awesome new version… It keeps getting better… they streamlined it this time.. made unite download on first use.. simplified it a bit..

    all in all.. amazing.. oh for all the firefox lovers.. you gotta check out.. :P

    btw tell me the author is a noob..

  8. Ilgaz says:

    can’t forgive them for dropping powerpc releases. I was expecting this kind of behaviour from Apple and yet they prove me wrong.

  9. Babangida says:

    Hello opera mini we are hapy four wet you and thanks

  10. test-1st2-speak says:

    well, you really have to use it and see what it offers before saying is complete useless. No browser packs so much at first install, everything out o the box, only if you really experiment, you’ll find Unite (making it possible to connect from person to person via a browser window… many useful features are in there)

    so, really, extensions are taking off at Opera, with no browser restart you will see what they’re capable off…

    Test Opera

    i wouldnt bother to comment if facts, real uses experiences and no little whims were exposed correctly, just test it and compare

  11. metude says:

    Not completely same with RC3. There’s a new browser.js file…

  12. abbas says:

    update opera 11

  13. Phopp says:

    Anyone able to get the close window (RLR) gesture to work? (OSX 10.6.3 + Opera 11.01) It’s probably my most used gesture, so I really miss it.

    The “hint bubble” showing up when I start gesturing doesn’t give any indication of it even existing anymore.