Opera: 6.7 Million Downloads in 1 Day

By | December 17, 2010 | 31 Comments

Opera: 6.7 Million Downloads in 1 DayIt’s all about bacon.

Good news for all Opera fanboys and fangirls. With the launch of Opera 11 Final, Norwegian web browser has been already downloaded more than 6.7 million times.

A significant boost when compared to Opera’s 10 million downloads within the first week of Opera 10 release.

According to Opera Software, a survey of people downloading Opera for the very first time has shown that 53% of its respondents were using Firefox web browser while 43% used Internet Explorer.

However, no data were given about the Google Chrome or Safari newcomers.

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  • Mike

    Did they post the number of uninstalls within the first 15 minutes after install? :-)

    • nvm

      They aren’t counting installs. They are counting downloads. Maybe if you paid attention, you would fail less.

      • Mike

        I assumed Opera creators (and their fanbois) wouldn’t be so pathetic as to take the number of clicks on the download link and then trump it up as if it was the number of their actual users!
        But you’re right, I didn’t pay attention – they really are…

        So sad, it was my first non-IE browser, but they’ve starved it of innovation and alienated their users by not listening to their wishes. Now all they have is a bunch of angry kids, and perhaps some Russians with dialup :(

        • nvm

          Dear child, everyone else is talking about downloads, so I don’t know why you are raging and whining like that. Microsoft bragged about 2 million downloads of the IE9 beta, and Mozilla keeps bragging about new download records for Firefox.

          But Mozilla, Opera and others also report on the number of active users.

          Instead of being pathetic yourself, maybe you should try to pay attention. Download numbers do not show how widely used a browser is, but it can give an indication about the interest in a new browser.

          Angry kids? Sounds like you are describing yourself. Quite pathetic, really

  • iPristy

    Yes indeed and most of them did get this so the point is be better not worse.

    • everybody

      Dude, you and your mum are NOT “most of them”.

      • nobody

        dude, but it DOES happen to a significant portion of userbase – like it or not

        given that this page loads for all new users and most old ones, having an error like it even for 5% (but i believe this percentage to be much higher) is a pathetic QA issue

        QA that now is mostly involved in policing opera forums, deleting all mentions of this issue, gesture issues and all google instant references.. a mature way of handling critics

        • everybody

          “dude, but it DOES happen to a significant portion of userbase – like it or not”
          Not really, unless you are talking about Firefox which is right now the most unstable browser (only Opera 10.5 was buggier but fortunately new version is much more stable).

          “given that this page loads for all new users and most old ones, having an error like it even for 5%”
          That is just pure trolling, unless you can find 2500000 complains about this problem.

          “QA that now is mostly involved in policing opera forums, deleting all mentions of this issue, gesture issues and all google instant references.”
          Another lie. You should consider writing a fantasy book, you would at least get some money for your imaginations.

          • nobody

            two words: blaaa blaa :)

            so in your world opera does not crash ever, people make crash reports up, and on opera forums Haavard and his mates are not deleting every non-compliant comment.

            it must be a beautiful world, send me a postcard

          • everybody

            No, I visit my.opera forums pretty often and I seen many posts with constructive criticism that weren’t removed.

            Oh, and in my world apparently Opera doesn’t crash, I use it every day (I even leave it open when not using computer since I’m lazy) and in last 12 months it crashed five times. On the other hand “stable” version of Firefox (no addons) which I rarely use can crash five times within a day!
            So either I and every Opera user I personally know are extremely lucky or Opera’s QA does pretty good job. But since they are just humans they also makes mistakes (Much, much less than Firefox QA team – See? This show how pointless you argumentation is.) that may cause problems for small amount of users. And it’s definitely not 5% – unless you can prove it with 250000 unique crash reports.

          • nvm

            Why would they not delete comments that are violating the rules?

            The way you are obsessing over some guy at Opera is creepy, by the way.

          • nobody


            it just amuses me, that he practically got demoted from QA to forum moderation – job that teenagers do before they go work at mcDonalds.. i’ve never seen anything like that career-wise

          • nvm

            If he’s just a forum moderator, how come he still publishes snapshots (including RCs), talks about writing automatic tests for Opera, and writes “I work with QA/testing in the Desktop department at Opera” in his blog? Why does he mention features he’s working on?

            Oh, I forgot. Facts don’t matter to obsessive, creepy stalkers :D

          • nvm

            Nobbie fails again. Once again his trash has been debunked by actual facts, so he runs away. LOL.

        • Karakaboo

          - “significant portion of userbase”
          – “for 5%”
          – “QA now is mostly involved in policing opera forums, deleting all mentions”
          You could use such phrases only if you were an employee of Opera Software. Are you? Or can you at least provide some proofs of your ridiculous statements? For example, some threads with deleted messages from opera forums, cached by Google, or, maybe, some non-opera forums boiling with complains of opera users having such issues and being unable to speak of them at opera forums.
          If the answer to both questions is “no” than that was just a feeble and childish attempt to make things up for unexplainable reason.
          It was another time I’ve ascertained that haters are even more pathetic than fanboys are :).

          • nobody


            and compare it to current view of this page.


            while deleting ‘opera suuuuxxxxx’ comments is absolutely understendable, deleting other ones, esp these from Bela Lubkin was a pure ‘we cant handle critics’

            he was banned for these posts:


            what were you babbling again?

          • nvm

            This Bela guy is clearly delusional, though. Of course his comments are removed when all of them are off-topic and not even relevant to the build people are testing.

          • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas Lipskas

            Opera Desktop team page was showing an internal server error for me (but after F5 it was working fine), those things happen, but nobody might have loaded page at the exact same time as well, who knows.

            Just for the record, my comment:

            “Guys, please, stop rushing releases for your own good” (or something like that).

            Was also deleted. Furthermore, I can’t find any “rush” comments in the first comments page (if I remember correctly, there were few).

            Opera reminds me of Apple and not in a good way.


            Just my 2 cents and yes, that wasn’t a constructive comment but I see no reason for this or similar comments deletion.

          • nvm

            Shouldn’t you be careful about commenting these things, Vygantas, considering your own censorship in this blog?

            In this regard, your censorship reminds me of Apple.

            But the Apple comparison is insane anyway. There’s a difference between removing off topic and other comments that are nothing but garbage, and removing any mention of a problem. The examples shown so far from Opera’s blog have all been completely off topic and clearly against the rules. Especially when people have been asked to stop spamming the blog with useless comments like yours, Vygantas.

          • everybody

            Funny that you haven’t noticed that even positive but off-topic comments on desktopteam blog are often deleted – the reason for it is simple and has nothing to do with censorship – devs actually read those comments looking for info about bugs that weren’t submitted via bug report wizard and hundreds of useless comments make it a lot harder. So, every time someone post there off-topic comment one bug stays unresolved (and a child in Africa dies)*

            * I have absolutely no data to confirm it, but everything I say is true so it’s fine.

          • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas Lipskas

            In that case, my assumptions on desktop team posts moderation were wrong although I am still not buying it (as http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/12/16/opera-11-goes-final got plenty of 0 value comments and it that was the case, they were deleted (and that’s where I posted mine))

            Anyway, posts are also deleted from choose opera blog


            and come one, if you check comments, most of them are “yes” “thumbs up”, etc.

            So in case they don’t censor anything. why delete criticism from there?

          • nvm

            There’s a difference between 0 value comments, and 0 value comments that attract dozens of replies. The former is harmless. The latter gets the blog flooded with followup replies.

            You are “not buying it” because you are unprofessional, and want to keep bashing Opera.

    • nvm

      Yes indeed and most of them did get this so the point is be better not worse.

      If that had been the case, it would have been talked about all over the web, but no one seems to be talking about it.

      So once again the anti-Opera trolls fail.

  • nvm

    I notice that the regular trolls have managed to hijack the discussion again.

    Contratulations, Vygantas. Great site you’ve got here.

    • nobody

      he earns money on this, so he is content

      im content, because i have a fun out of you

      only one whinning is you, so get lost

      • nvm

        What does “whinning” and “have a fun out of you” mean? LOL.

  • iPristy

    All first time users will definitely get crash and crash only, remove Opera with Revo uninstaller and try for your self. I have also ask Opera to add removal of all data from install after uninstall so…wasting time here i guess.

    • nvm

      How come I didn’t get a crash when I tested an upgrade from 10.63, and no one else I’ve talked to gets one either? How come it isn’t being discussed all over the web? How come you see happy new Opera users all over the place?

      In fact a friend of mine just installed Opera 11 of five computers, and it worked fine on all of them.

      You aren’t wasting your time, iPristy. You are wasting everyone else’s with your garbage.

  • iPristy

    Just motivation, i get a lest 5 new users of Opera from local tech site did report that crash, clean install or Opera new user take your pick. Bugs must be buff out only then you can get sublime stuff…

    • nvm

      Do you now understand the concept of clicking “Reply”?

      Now I know why you are having these problems… You are too computer illiterate!

  • wykoyako

    Just switched from Firefox.

    A lot of those downloads are going to be converted into users, I bet. Haven’t had a single problem since I installed Opera 11.