Opera: Disable New Mouse Gestures

By | December 19, 2010

Opera: Disable New Mouse Gestures

Here is how you can enable old Opera mouse gestures behavior.

In the address bar, type:

Search for gestures and change the Threshold from 5 to 2.
Uncheck Gesture UI

Thanks to Olivia for the tip.

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  1. asfa says:

    Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts > Enable visual Hints

  2. nobody says:

    it DOES NOT bring back old behavior

    a) some short gestures are missing, and these will remain missing
    b) you still need to do your second move of back-forth sequence longer than the first one. if your second move is shorter, gesture will not connect. this is the main complaint and this will not get fixed either
    c) you still need to make this gesture ‘big enough’ – even with this setting. this again – will stay so

    new mouse gestures fiasco is quite funny – a way to ruin one thing that opera made perfectly for years, just to introduce stupid gfx effect

    lack of this gfx wasnt the reason why opera is stagnant with 2% marketshare – it is the lack of compatibility with real web pages.

    • ouzowtf says:

      You are right that this does not bring back the old gesture behavior.
      But your are wrong that these problems will not be addressed.

      • nobody says:

        i dont recall saying that they will not fix it – i said that changing this setting wont fix these 3 issues, thus wont bring the ol’ gestures back

      • MarkG says:

        Sorry, perhaps I missed the bit where the old behaviour was accepted as being the correct behaviour.

        Are all people on the internet idiots? Clearly Opera has to cater for their WHOLE audience, not just you.

    • nvm says:

      Wow, nobbie sure likes writing long rants about Opera. I wonder why he keeps obsessing over Opera like that.

    • Sorry about that, never used them so had no idea what exactly old behavior was, but it does “something” to restore “something” :-)

      • nobody says:

        yeah, thats true.

        they really should have beta tested this particular stuff longer and paid more attention to people’ complaints. deleting them isnt a reliable way of these going away (or maybe they mean users going away..)

      • nvm says:

        It doesn’t restore anything. All it does is to remove the visual help.

        Also, ignore nobbie the troll please.

  3. Kai says:

    Thank you so much, it’s has been annoying me for ages -.-

  4. web says:

    thankfully never used gestures or i may be pissed..

  5. kyleabaker says:

    To remove the UI hints, this can also be done by:

    Preferences -> Advanced -> Shortcuts -> Enable visual hints = Unchecked

  6. mikah says:

    Previous 11 builds mouse gestures were a big problem for me but the latest Opera it works great at the default 5.
    I use a laser mouse & win 7 x64 & Linux mint.
    I wonder if it is related to type of mouse (optical ,laser or ball) or make.
    Reading the Opera desktop blog it seems a big problem for some.